Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2016 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Purab gaining consciousness and calling Abhi, informing him about the bomb kept in the bouquet. He says it can burst at any time. Aaliya thinks why Pragya is doing time pass, and not going out. Pragya talks to someone and is about to go to car, just then Abhi runs towards her calling her Nikita and takes bouquet from her hand and throws on Ravan. Bomb blasts on Ravan. Everyone is shocked. Pragya hugs Abhi being scared. Security comes. Aaliya asks Abhi to come with her and says Nikita is fine. Abhi looks at Pragya. Aaliya asks when they can leave. Inspector asks her to wait for sometime. Tanu tells Abhi that she got scared and asks why did you take bomb in your hand, if it had bursted in your hand. Abhi asks how is Nikita? Tanu says you cares for her, and asks if anything had happened to you then how I would have lived? She says I mean I am talking about your family. Abhi says Nikita is my secretary and I have responsibility on her. He says she shall go home safely. I will drop her, but Tanu and Aaliya refuse to let him go. Purab comes. Abhi asks him to drop Pragya home safely. Purab says okay and asks him not to worry.

Purab and Pragya are in the car. Pragya tells that she got shocked when Abhi took bomb in his hand and threw on Ravan. Purab says Abhi is also worried about you. Dadi tells Abhi that she will die one day because of shock. Abhi asks her not to worry. Aaliya asks Abhi, who told him that there was a bomb in the bouquet. Abhi says Purab told me. Aaliya asks how did he come to know? Abhi says I didn’t ask him, and says I will call him. He calls Purab and asks how did he know? Purab tells that he heard two men speaking about the bomb, and then one of them hit on his head. Abhi asks did you see their faces. Purab says yes, but he couldn’t see properly. Abhi asks about Nikita? Pragya takes the call. Abhi asks how are you? Pragya says yes. He asks her to go home and don’t take any tension. Purab asks Pragya to tell her family that she is working as Abhi’s secretary. Pragya says she will tell later.

Beeji and Sarla play ludo to keep themselves awake. They argue. Pragya comes. Sarla says she played ludo so that she can be awake. Pragya asks did you go to see Ravan. Sarla says yes, we went. Pragya asks where? Sarla says H Block. She asks Pragya to take leave tomorrow and says we will celebrate dussehra tomorrow. Pragya agrees. Beeji says we will go to Chaupati.

Aaliya is angry and thinks Abhi has ruined her plan. Tanu asks did you know that bomb was there in the bouquet. Aaliya says she gave bomb bouquet in Pragya’s hand. Tanu says you would have told me and I would have stopped Abhi from going towards Pragya. Aaliya says everything happened at a fast pace. Tanu says Abhi is concerned for Pragya and asks if she is his girl friend or me. Aaliya asks her to control her temper, else Abhi will leave her. She says my image was ruined infront of Abhi. She says I made him your boyfriend, now you have to think how to make him your husband. Dadi thinks one thing is clear that the killers don’t want to kill Abhi, and the target was Pragya. She thinks Aaliya and Tanu are together. She thinks to meet Sarla and tell her truth. She thinks if anything happens to Pragya, then they will blame us, I have to tell her everything.

Abhi recalls Pragya’s concern and care for him. Pragya also recalls how Abhi saved her. He thinks why I am thinking only about her. Pragya thinks he shouldn’t have taken that bouquet knowing about the bomb kept in it. Abhi thinks if Nikita behaves normal then he will forget everything. He thinks I can’t take this lightly and wonders who is the new enemy. Pragya recalls Aaliya asking her to keep bouquet in Abhi’s car. Then Abhi saving her in the nick of time. She thinks if the target was Abhi or me, like last year. She recalls Tanu blaming her for the happenings. Aaliya asking her not to forget her limit, and telling her that Tanu and Abhi will be together and she will be far from them. Pragya opines that Tanu and Aaliya are behind this conspiracy.

Abhi tells Dadi that Tanu came with her mum. Her mum asked him to marry Tanu soon as she don’t have much time left. He says everything happened so fast that I didn’t get time to think and said yes in a hurry. Dadi is shocked.

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