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Kumkum Bhagya 20 October 2015 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya watch online

Pragya reading the contract papers and thinks from where did these ideas come in his mind. She thinks Tanu might have instigated him, and decides not to sign. She thinks to hide the papers somewhere and tries to hide it behind his painting, just then Abhi comes and asks what she is doing? Raj talks to Vijay. Vijay says he looks at the person’s style, time etc, when he wants to kill someone. He says I will tie something on her chair and the heavy thing will fall on her. Everyone will think of it as an accident, and asks to call the ambulance. He says I will be on stage, and asks him to make sure that Pragya sits on the chair. He asks him not to share his plan with mad girl Tanu. Raj says okay, I will not tell her. Vijay says let Pragya sleep today and asks him to sleep as well. He takes 500 rs. from Raj’s pocket and asks him to cut from his 5 Lakhs rupees. He leaves. Raj thinks he has style and thinks new character will come in your Ram Leela to write a new chapter of your life.

Abhi asks what she was doing and says you were afraid and insecure about me. He says you was trying to place your photo on my photo. Pragya says yes I am hanging my photo and says everything is mine. Pragya says she kept the contract here. Abhi asks where it is? He says I am not a magician to get another copy. He asks her to sign on its copy. Pragya wonders what to do? She says she lost her pen. Abhi says he got pen also, and asks her to sign fast. Pragya wonders what to do as he is standing on her head. She asks him to move and says it is very hot here. She thinks how to sign and says she has to concentrate. Abhi says okay, and turns his face. Pragya throws oil on the papers and scolds Abhi. Abhi asks her to sign it and brings another set of papers. Pragya refuses. Abhi asks her to sign and holds her.Pragya frees her hand and runs in the room. Abhi runs after her and they fall on bed together…….Allah Wariyan song plays as they have an eye lock. Abhi politely asks her to sign. Pragya refuses saying if she signs then he will go far from her. Abhi asks what does she mean? Pragya asks him to move and says it will be loss to company and refuses to sign. Abhi leaves angrily. Pragya gets tensed.

Sarla tells Bulbul that every color suits on her. Purab asks why you are lying and jokes about her. Bulbul says she will win the competition and for that she will practice. She talks about the dhamaal tomorrow. Purab asks her to tell. bulbul refuses and asks him to wait. He takes Pragya’s name. Sarla asks if they are hiding something from her. Bulbul says Purab is talking about surprise which they planned after Pragya and Abhi’s marriage. Purab says I will play dandiya with Sarla. Sarla says they will win.

Raj talks to Aaliya and says how can he arrange 5 lakhs rupees in a day. Tanu asks did she say anything? Raj asks did you arrange money and talk to abhi. Tanu says Abhi said that he will try. Raj says you would have tried well. He says your life will be successful if you marry Abhi else it will be ruined. Tanu says it is enough. She says you will get money. Raj asks her to do after a lot of thinking.

Mitali and Taiji practice dandiya. Ronnie and Payal occur there. Payal states your idea is modern. Mitali suggests she considered to view it on the internet. Payal says I’ll play music from my cellular. She dances with Ronnie. Mitali and Taiji Consider that they’re superior dancers. Payal asks them to dance. Mitali whispers some thing in Taiji’s ears plus they check out to produce Ronnie and Payal drop, but Taiji falls down hurting her leg. Ronnie tells Payal that they are going to observe at other location. Taiji asks Mitali that can help her rise up.

Pragya asks Everybody if they are All set Along with the preparations. The dude states They’re executing Ram Leela because childhood. Dasi says I’m sure the dialogues. The man tells about Ram Leela. Dasi asks them to enact the scenes. Pragya offers the duty to Dasi to take care of their preparations.

Tanu sees somebody. Taiji asks Taya ji to use balm on her leg. He asks her to just take Mitali’s assistance. Tanu sees Vijay hiding powering the bouquet and wonders what he is executing in this article. Mitali asks what? Tanu helps make an excuse. Mitali thinks she’s hiding one thing and lying. Nikhil comes and greets Dadi stunning Tanu. Mitali thinks she could be inquiring about Nikhil. Abhi comes to Nikhil and greets him by using a hug. Nikhil likes the arrangements. Pragya suggests there is less time remaining for guests to reach and asks Anyone to prepare. Vijay keeps an eye on Pragya. Tanu thinks she will win the competition. She sees Nikhil hiding his experience behind the bouquet and asks who are you presently? Nikhil smiles.

Abhi asks Pragya to back again off else she will be strike by his dandiya. Pragya claims she will never back again off and may struggle together with her dandiya/ sword.

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