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Kumkum Bhagya 20th November 2015 Written Update

Abhi thinking his plan has failed and thinks Pragya didn’t tell him any truth. He thinks why did I make her drink and thinks she was reacting like before. He thinks I have to do something before she wakes up, and gets an idea. He thinks his idea is typical, but every girl will like it. He feels odd and thinks he has never done this for anyone. He thinks I forgot to keep something and is going towards room, but just then Tanu comes there and says I want to talk to you. Abhi says I am doing this for you and asks her to excuse him. Tanu says I want to know what happened yesterday. Abhi says I did a mistake and gave drinks to Pragya mistakenly. Tanu asks did you both come closer to each other? She asks where did you sleep yesterday? Abhi asks if her brain is like old pressure cooker, and says his plan failed when he gave her drink mistakenly. Tanu apologizes to him. Abhi says he had only one drink and says he was always careful whenever I am with girls. He wonders how did I do mistake with you? Tanu recalls Abhi sleeping in her lap. Abhi says I don’t drink whenever girls are around, else they will take my advantage. Tanu asks did you mean that I have taken your advantage. Abhi asks her to let him go and says he needs to take his money back from Pragya.

Pragya wakes up and sees lots of bouquets around her with a message. Pragya thinks he is doing all this from his heart and wonders why he is feeling for her again. She thinks she can’t hurt him again. She thinks my all mornings would have been beautiful if I was not acting. She thinks why did he make me drink when he knows that I can’t handle it. She thinks what did I do yesterday and thinks to find out. Ronnie comes and informs her that Nikhil came. Pragya asks him not to let anyone enter the room. Tanu asks Nikhil why did you come? Nikhil says I was called here. Abhi wonders about Pragya’s reaction. He asks Nikhil about his purpose of visit. Nikhil tells him that his wife called him. Abhi says I haven’t married yet. Nikhil says your ex wife. Abhi says Pragya…………He asks Payal to call Pragya there. Pragya comes and thinks it is good that everyone is here. She says good morning to Nikhil. Tanu asks why did you call him. Pragya says I don’t need anyone’s permission to invite anyone. She asks him to sit. Nikhil sits on sofa. Pragya asks him to give business plan to her, and says she will decide about investing. Nikhil says I will ask my colleague to give you details and leaves. Pragya says okay.

Dadi arrives and asks what transpired? Pragya messages Dadi. Dadi reads the message. She tells Abhi that she has to discuss him about a little something vital, and states you are careless about Aaliya’s relationship. She suggests we will have Substantially problem for getting her married later. Abhi states Enable a fantastic match appear for her. Pragya says we have a guy infront of us, and indicates Nikhil’s title. Aaliya receives shocked and refuses to marry Nikhil. Dadi says she is saying proper and tells Abhi that she likes Nikhil. Abhi suggests I’ll talk with Nikhil. Pragya thinks her idea worked.

Nikhil asks Tanu about Pragya’s recommendation and says you recognize my decision effectively. He tells them to help make Everybody have an understanding of and stop the subject correct in this article. He says if anybody asks me specifically then I will explain to truth of the matter that I can’t marry Aaliya as I like you. He claims my enterprise dealings shouldn’t be afflicted else I’ll convey to everything.

Pragya, Kumkum and Surbhi arrive at temple and pray. Surbhi suggests she doesn’t know why Karthik hates her. Pragya implies her to talk to karthik. Twinkle tells about Anita…and states she wishes to destroy her. She claims she desires her marriage to work very well. Pragya implies her to confront Anita if she really wants to make her relationship prosperous. She says she is battling along with her enemies and possess absent in opposition to her partner. Surbhi says you are our inspiration. Pragya asks them to gain their appreciate and marriage and asks not to lose hope no matter the difficulties coming their way. Pragya claims allows pray now.

Pragya tells Dadi and Purab that her she is sure that Nikhil is the one who is responsible for Tanu’s pregnancy.

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