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Kumkum Bhagya 18th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dadi telling Abhi that he can’t be wrong and can’t do anything wrong. Abhi asks what about Pragya? He says Pragya is not having any blood relation with me. He asks if she will accept me with my wrong doings. Dadi says I know that you loves her from your heart, and she also loves you. She says Pragya can never leave you…I am telling truth. Abhi thinks he has broken their relation with a signature. Robin comes to Dadi and asks her if she has any head ache pain reliever. Dadi says it is a good excuse not to do work. Robin says Pragya needs it. Dadi asks him to stop and gets the medicine. Abhi says I will give her medicine and goes.

Aaliya gives divorce papers to Lawyer. Tanu asks him to get the divorce done in a few days time and asks him not to take longer time. Aaliya gives him greed of money, and says she needs end result. Lawyer says work will be done and goes. Tanu and Aaliya congratulate each other. Aaliya wishes Tanu for her upcoming marriage. Tanu smiles. Abhi goes to Pragya holding medicine and water tray. Pragya says sorry. Abhi says I should be scolded by you, and my guilt will lower with your scolding. Pragya says it was my mistake and I drank it with my wish. Abhi says I should be punished. Pragya says anger suits you and not guilt. She says if I have done anything wrong? She asks shall I have done something wrong and tells options. Abhi says I don’t have strength to tell you. Mitali comes there and asks Pragya to go to Dadi’s room. Mitali tells her that her behavior was strange yesterday and asks for a prize.

Pragya says my head is paining. Mitali says do you think that I made stories. Pragya thinks what wrong did I do and why Abhi is feeling guilty. Lawyer comes out of Aaliya’s room and his files fall on floor. Dadi asks him what is he doing here? Lawyer refuses to tell anything and goes. Dadi and Rachna get suspicious. They come to Pragya’s room. Pragya says I want to meet you both. Dadi asks did you call any lawyer here. Pragya says no. Rachna tells her that they collide with some lawyer and he refused to give any details. Rachna says Aaliya might be conspiring to get Abhi’s property. Dadi says she saw some stamp papers in Tanu’s hands yesterday. Pragya says they are planning something big against Abhi or me. Tanu makes halwa for Abhi. Abhi says Pragya have made it before. He asks why did you cook it now. Tanu says I have made it. Abhi forgives her and eats halwa. He spits halwa saying it is bitter. Tanu says you are missing Pragya even now, and tells him that she gave divorce papers to lawyer to get divorce done soon. She asks him to get habitual to eat halwa from her hand.

Dadi calls Akash and Purab there. She tells Purab that Tanu was having some papers and said that she have become family member now. Pragya says Tanu might asked lawyer to get divorce papers of us. Purab asks Pragya to get some cold drink. Rachna calls Robin and asks him to bring something. Purab tells Pragya that he tried to enquire about the status of their divorce and it had not happened. Dadi thinks that lawyer went to Delhi and never processed the papers. Purab asks her not to worry. Dadi says we will also have cold drink. Robin comes. Pragya questions him. He says Abhi took you to room. Pragya thinks something is amiss. Purab says only Abhi can tell us now.

Tanu is having icecream. Aaliya says I asked you to give some sweets to Abhi and get marriage date. Tanu says I have done everything whatever you told me to do, but Abhi acted rude with me. Aaliya holds her head and says you are really mental. She asks what is your problem? Tanu says you both couldn’t see my efforts, and scold me. Aaliya gives her icecream. Tanu eats it. Aaliya says those girls are different who cook food and win heart. She says I asked you to buy halwa from a shop, then why did you cook that bitter halwa. Tanu says you people have genes problem and says I will also learn to make halwa. Aaliya asks her to do it after marriage, and says they have to hurry up with the marriage date.

Abhi is talking to someone on phone and scolds someone. Purab comes to him and asks what happened? Abhi says the thing is about trust and says it breaks when you trust something. Purab asks what happened? Abhi says yesterday Pragya and I have went out, and I thought to take her signatures. He says I got Pragya’s signatures on the papers while she was drunk. He says he is angry and feeling guilty. He says what I will do when Pragya comes to know everything. Purab is shocked.

Tanu tells Pragya that Sarla might die hearing the truth. Pragya is about to slap her, but Tanu holds her hand and smiles.

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