Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2016 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Abhi coming inside fooling the goons and tries to free Pragya’s hand and open the rope. Pragya asks him to go and says she is not at all happy seeing him here. Goons come there to shoot Abhi. Abhi beats the goons. Jagga tells Abhi not to beat him and says he is his big fan. He asks for a selfie. Nikhil comes there wearing mask and asks Abhi to go silently else he will cut her neck and kill her. Abhi asks him to kill her. Pragya asks him what you are saying? He says I came to thank monkey man and snatches his weapon. Nikhil gets worried and thinks if he will see my face. Pragya asks Abhi to free her hands first. Abhi asks him to stay there itself. He praises Nikhil for kidnapping stubborn Pragya. Pragya asks him to open rope. Nikhil thinks to do something before Abhi sees his face. Pragya asks Abhi to call Police and says they will arrest him. Abhi says I won’t listen to you, and says I am boss. Just then Nikhil hits on his head. Abhi falls unconscious. Pragya is shocked. Nikhil runs and thinks he should not see his face. Pragya beats Nikhil and asks how dare he to hit Abhi. Abhi recalls his memories with Pragya and calls her Pragya….Pragya is shocked and happy. Allah Wariyan plays……Pragya comes near him and asks him to get up, says I am with you. Abhi falls unconscious.

Dadi comes to Tanu and slaps her hard. Aaliya asks why did you slap her? Dadi slaps Aaliya also. They both are shocked. Dadi says you don’t have my blood in your veins and calls her stone hearted. She says you can’t see motherly love, and calls her worse than a dayan. She then tells Tanu that if she thinks that Abhi will not get back memory, then she is wrong. She says I love Abhi more than my son, and can give life for him. She says you have done last mistake of your life by kidnapping Pragya, if anything happens to her then I will file complaint with Police and tell about your deeds. She says one day you will get rotten in jail. Abhi went to save Pragya and even Purab left. She asks them to pray for Pragya’s life, else she will punish them and will make blindfold on her eyes like law.

Pragya brings Abhi home and cries. Beeji says he will be alright, it was good that you called Purab there. Pragya says Abhi got Purab’s call on his phone and I picked it and asked him to come there. Beeji asks her to rest till Abhi gains consciousness. Sarla asks Pragya if she really heard Abhi taking her name. Pragya says yes. Purab says may be he got his memory back. Sarla says if this is the case then today is the best day of our life. Pragya says I can’t break promise made to you, and says he came to meet me. Sarla says I know, and says you are the best daughter and best wife. Pragya says why one feels pain while fulfilling the duties. She says if anything happens to him, then I will kill Nikhil. Purab is shocked and says now we know that Aaliya and Tanu are behind the attack. Pragya says she is concerned about Abhi now. Sarla says nothing will happen to your Abhi. Beeji informs Pragya that he is gaining consciousness. Pragya asks Sarla, if she shall go infront of him or not. Sarla asks her to go.

Aaliya calls Nikhil and asks why you was not picking our call. Nikhil tells them that Abhi reached there and then he had to ran away from there. Aaliya asks did he see you? Nikhil says he is not mad like them and tells that he hit Abhi on his head and ran away. Tanu says you didn’t do our work and wasted time. Nikhil says mistake is yours, you would have stopped your fiance. Tanu says she tried. She says she have to marry Abhi and for that he has to be alive. Nikhil says he hates you, and tells that he is repenting. She asks him to shut up. Nikhil asks her to tell him that she was going to become his (Nikhil) baby, but it was aborted. Aaliya asks Nikhil to say what happened there. Dasi hears them. Nikhil tells Aaliya that Abhi took Pragya’s name when I left from there. Aaliya and Tanu are shocked. Aaliya says may be he got his memory back and that’s why called her Pragya. Tanu says what he will do now, today will be last day of mine in this world. Aaliya blames Nikhil. Dasi hears them. Aaliya says if he asks me anything then I will take your name.

Abhi asks Pragya why she is crying and says he is fine. He calls her fuggi, and says she looks cute. Pragya says you called me fuggi. Abhi says yes, I will call you fuggi from now on. Pragya looks on.

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