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Kumkum Bhagya 15th October 2015 Written Update

Nikhil coming to meet Tanu. Tanu is shocked and asks you??? Nikhil says are you dreaming about Abhi? Tanu asks him not to take her advantage, and says she will land up in problem if anyone see them together. She gives their child’s promise. Just then she sees Pragya standing and pushes Nikhil. Nikhil hides behind the curtain. Pragya asks why she is sweating till now. Tanu says you were torturing me. Pragya says may be Abhi wants to torture you. Tanu says you are lying. Pragya says Abhi sleeps on left side of bed, and says why did he call you on right side. Tanu gets doubtful and thinks to ask Abhi. She pulls the curtain and sees Mitali standing. Mitali tells that the person standing here went missing. Tanu goes. Mitali thinks there is a ghost there and runs. Tanu calls Nikhil and asks where is he? He says he is outside of house. He thinks Tanu might have divorced Abhi till now, but she didn’t marry him till now.

Dadi reaches restaurant to talk to Pragya, Purab and Bulbul. Pragya tells them that Tanu got angry and held her neck when she provoked her. Dadi says Tanu is thinking you want to create misunderstanding between them. Bulbul gets an idea and says they will make Abhi scold Tanu when he sees her not taking care of baby. She says Tanu will dance in Dussera and then Jiju will scold her. Pragya doesn’t like the idea and says she can’t play with baby’s life. Dadi says I am with her. Purab says I don’t think so and asks her to think about other idea. He goes to bring chocolate for her. Bulbul thinks she is stuck between them.

Tanu tells Abhi that you called me at right side of bed and tells what Pragya has told. Tanu says you don’t love me and I know. Abhi says you are at my left side of heart, so I called you at right side. Tanu says I will leave the house with baby. Abhi asks her not to cry. Pragya hears them. Abhi asks her to take rest. Pragya thinks Abhi is angry and she shall not go near him.

Sarla gets Completely ready. Bulbul provides her compliment and leaves along with her. Pragya asks Ronnie to examine arrangements. She asks Anyone to rehearse for Ram Leela. Sarla comes and greets Dadi. She seems to be at Pragya and looks on. Pragya asks Dadi to rehearse her part. Dadi welcomes the guests and claims she wishes to get in touch with Ajay Mehra who is actively playing Dasharath’s function. Dasi arrives and enacts her function. Aaliya arrives and states she’s going to Perform Sita’s role and rehearse the traces. Pragya claims you can’t do performing and asks her to depart it. Aaliya suggests who do you think you’re to judge me. I’m not interested, but you may have compelled me. Ronnie claims you’ll be able to’t get it done. Pragya asks him to help keep quiet.

Dadi phone calls upon Sarla to rehearse her lines. Sarla enacts as Mata Ansuyya. Sarla tells about lady duties to her husband. She suggests a woman who presents far more choice to other issues, can’t be pleased. Even when she stays in Palace without the need of obeying her husband then she will be able to’t be happy. Pragya will get teary eyes and hides her deal with.

Bulbul asks Abhi to complete partnership with Pragya to make double funds. Dadi says Now we have to find Aaliya’s weak point. Pragya claims there are two things, a person is funds along with other is relationship, that has damaged with Purab. Dadi selects marriage.

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