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Kumkum Bhagya 15th June 2015 Written Update By Prince

The episode begins with Abhi telling Pragya that Dadi is not going to Enable him go away her. Pragya thinks to set all the things good. Saiyyara Re Saiyyara Re performs……………They have an eye fixed lock. Tanu will come and asks That which you equally are undertaking? Planning for just a next toddler! She asks did you check with Dadi. Pragya claims Dadi isn’t well. Tanu suggests Dadi is often unwell, so you will not check with her. Abhi retains Tanu angrily and calls her heartless girl. He states you loves me, but don’t treatment about my dadi. He states Pragya is every thing for dadi and loves her a great deal. He says you are going to become a mum, but will not be a woman. He asks her to get like Pragya atleast and states she is an ideal illustration of a woman. He asks her to master a thing from Pragya, if not discover then atleast check out to copy her. He suggests Pragya would not do precisely the same factor like you. Tanu claims she’s a Silly, fool and and so forth.

Abhi suggests I understand, but you are bloody egocentric female. I cares for Other folks, however , you don’t treatment. You must become bahu of my family also, in advance of turning out to be my spouse, and have to give very good values and upbringing to my little one. Pragya loves my relatives as she recognizes that I enjoys them. She grew to become my spouse mistakenly, but she never did any mistake although turning out to be bahu of this home. Tanu says I also loves your family and regard them. Abhi asks her to proof and take pleasure in the celebration of Pragya’s baby. He asks can you try this? Tanu says ok, I’ll do to your happiness. He asks her not to inform any individual about the pregnancy fact and takes guarantee from her. Abhi claims when you break this guarantee then I will break all my claims given to you personally.

Bulbul tells that she will be able to’t consider and is also flying higher, and phone calls All people. Beeji asks why that you are shouting. Bulbul says she provides a surprise for them and asks to produce lots of dishes. Beeji asks her to give them clue. She states somebody will almost certainly occur. Beeji claims she could make food items. Bulbul says he will not likely try to eat foods. Bulbul suggests He’ll drink milk and states he is very tiny. Sarla asks did you meet Pragya? Bulbul suggests Of course. Sarla suggests I realized that she was Expecting. Beeji gets offended and tells you didn’t explain to me. They get indignant. Sarla and Bulbul hug one another. Bulbul tells she’s pleased to be Maasi. She asks why you didn’t explain to us and pretends to obtain offended. Sarla thinks she should concur Everybody.

Bulbul involves Pragya’s residence and thinks jiju is sleeping separately from Pragya. She opines that they might have a struggle and slept individually. Abhi wakes up and sees toddler toy with Pragya. He asks if the infant is born and gets up surprised. Bulbul states Pragya will search adorable While using the infant. She asks him not to battle with Pragya. Pragya wakes up and asks who retained this toddler toy. Bulbul claims jiju must have stored it and was imagining infant. Abhi suggests he didn’t continue to keep it which is watching for real infant. He runs out from the area.

Abhi concerns Dadi’s space and asks how is she? Dadi claims she is completely fine. Dasi tells her that Bulbul informed that he will depart the room in five mins. Abhi states she tease me purposefully. Dadi asks him to receive Bulbul married as it is actually his duty. Abhi says he can get her married.

Bulbul and Pragya speak about little one. Bulbul states jiju wanted to see newborn with you. Pragya smiles and gets shy thinking Abhi wants to have baby with her. Bulbul asks when did it take place? Pragya says she don’t want to tell. Bulbul suggests you are displaying footage, so I will ask jiju. Pragya asks what you might question? Bulbul tells that she’ll question regarding the toddler. Pragya says I didn’t know and runs from there. Bulbul thinks why she stated that she didn’t bear in mind. She wears the dupatta and thinks they may have obtained intimate at that time. Tanu comes there and sees her sitting down with dupatta, issues her to generally be Pragya. She asks her to tell the truth to Anyone.

Tanu receives shocked observing Pragya coming and sees Bulbul. She asks how arrive you will be here And just how did you get well? She says it is sweet that you will be high-quality now. Bulbul asks Tanu with regards to the guarantee produced to jiju and asks what did Pragya know. Pragya asks Tanu to go and says she’ll do her get the job done. Bulbul asks her to halt.

Bulbul tells Abhi that she will spy. Abhi says you mean you knew the truth. Bulbul says I am happy that Tanu got a guy, whom she likes. Abhi is surprised and confused.


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