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Kumkum Bhagya 15th December 2015 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya watch online

The Episode starts with Abhi thinking Pragya might woo him back and will make him her servant for life. He thinks to take her sign anyhow and thinks to make her drink to get sign. Pragya thinks Abhi asking her to hug and agree to him. He says what shall I do to make you believe on my love. Pragya thinks how can you do this? You can’t choose this way, and says I won’t let you change. Abhi thinks this is not your character. He thinks to come in power, and make her realize his love. He says he will change Pragya back to fuggi, and then he can spend his life happily with her. He thinks this is the only way to come in power. Ronnie comes to Mitali, Tai ji and Taya ji, and asks if they went out. Taya ji says I went to meet my friend.

Ronnie thinks he was with Aaliya and Tanu. He comes to Abhi and asks why your father always stay at home. Raj says when his son is working, what is the need for him to earn. Ronnie says I saw Tanu and Aaliya talking to decorator, and there was a man with them. Raj is shocked. Ronnie says that third person is your dad. He asks Raj to make his dad understand to do puja and not to support wrong people. Raj says you are saying right. Ronnie says if he does any mistake again then I will take him to Pragya, and he will be punish there. Raj thinks to be careful from Ronnie.

Pragya thinks where is Dadi and thinks to get some idea from her. Bulbul calls Pragya. Pragya asks if everything is fine at home, and asks about Sarla. Bulbul says Sarla is hating her very much and says limit was crossed yesterday. Pragya asks what did she say? Bulbul asks her to concentrate on her work. Pragya says everything is complicated. Dadi comes and asks what did he do? Pragya says how did you know? Dadi says I understood. Pragya says Abhi has started walking on wrong path and tells everything. Pragya comes to room. Abhi thinks how to make her drink wine. Pragya thinks he is doing wrong and is not ashamed. Abhi tells her that whatever he did was unintentional (kiss on cheek).

Pragya thinks she can’t trust him. Abhi apologizes. Pragya asks him not to make her remember it. He says he want to go out. Pragya asks him to drink and freshen up his mind. Abhi says no. Pragya thinks something is wrong as he is not making me drink. Pragya sprinkle wine on her clothes and starts acting like a drunkard. Abhi comes back to room and asks how can you drink? Pragya says my mood was off and that’s why I drank to keep my sadness out. Abhi says I can give company to you and watch cartoon with you. Pragya asks are you sure that you don’t want to drink. Abhi refuses. Pragya asks him to drink water. Abhi drinks water to give her company. They laugh comically. Abhi thinks she forgot the taste of wine and water.

Pragya tries to make drink. Abhi changes the drink. Pragya drinks it mistakenly and gets tensed. Abhi brings the papers asking her to sign. Pragya signs on the papers. Abhi gets successful and says superb. He says you have signed on the blank cheque and your money is mine now. Pragya asks him not to go and goes. Abhi thinks I have done it, baby. I am not her servant anymore. He says you will rule again. Pragya returns and takes the papers from him. Pragya says she will keep the papers and keeps it in the almari. Abhi asks where is the keys. Pragya falls down and says you are very cute. I miss you very much. I can do anything for you. Abhi asks her to give keys. Pragya says no and says good night. She keeps in her nighty. Abhi thinks she is still sleeping and thinsk to take papers easily. He tries to open the almari and thinks this key will change my destiny.

Pragya and Abhi argue over keys. Pragya asks him not to bore her. Abhi asks her to tell where are the keys.

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