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Kumkum Bhagya 15th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Abhi wondering where is Pragya? He asks manager if he saw his wife? Manager says she went towards the parking lot. He goes o his car and sees Pragya on the car. Abhi asks to get down and pulls her towards him. She adores him romantically. Kaisa yeh Ishq Hai plays………….Abhi also gets moved in her love. He asks her to sit in car. Pragya says no, and insists to drive the car. Abhi says you can’t drive as you don’t have licence. Pragya says I have licence. Abhi thinks how to stop her and says she is behaving like children. He asks her to sign on the papers if she wants to drive car. Pragya takes the papers from his hand. Abhi thinks he is fooling Pragya. Pragya signs on the papers and asks to give her licence. She takes out his wallet and get his driving licence. She asks for the keys. Abhi says you can’t drive car as you are drunk. Pragya asks what else I can do then? Abhi says you can do anything. Pragya sings accident hogaya hai rabba. Abhi says ok, drive the car. He asks her to sit in car. He says I will give you keys. He keeps the divorce papers at the back seat.

Tanu comes there and asks for papers. She says I know Pragya have signed on the papers. Abhi says I don’t have those papers. Tanu gets the papers from the back seat, and gets happy. She thanks him and apologizes. She says this is our marriage certificate. Abhi says this is my character certificate, I lied to Pragya to get my work done. He says Pragya never made me fall in my eyes, but I took advantage of her goodness. Tanu says what do you think that your fuggi/Pragya loves you. She says Pragya have taken your advantage and ruined you. She says don’t forget that we are in your life. She asks him to think about their baby. Pragya asks him to hurry up. Abhi sits in car. Pragya asks him to fasten his seat belt. Pragya sings song again loudly. Abhi asks her to concentrate on driving. Pragya makes innocent faces. He looks at her and thinks she is very innocent and thinks my fuggi have returned. He says Tanu was wrong, she is not mogambo, but my fuggi. She don’t know what I am doing with her, and apologizes in her heart. HE says you are my fuggi who loved me very much and always used to forgive me. She says I was helpless to betray you.

Tanu comes home and thinks she is flying high. She thinks to inform Aaliya and collides with Dadi. The papers fall down on the floor. Dadi asks her to pick her papers. Tanu tries to bend, but Dadi says she wil pick her papers. Tanu thanks and hugs Dadi. She says I am very happy today, good night. Dadi thinks what she was saying? She thinks Tanu is mad still. Pragya gets down the car and asks Abhi to come home. She acts to lock the car. Abhi says home is not here. Pragya says you are drunk and asks him to enter home. She says Dadi asked me to go on a date and not to come late. Abhi wonders why did Dadi say this? Nikhil comes home and asks Tanu why she is ignoring his calls. Tanu hides the papers. Nikhil asks her to show and sees the papers. He says divorce papers of Abhi and Pragya and asks how did you do this? Tanu says we have done this, and asks him not to meet or call her. Nikhil asks her not to ever try to over cross him, and says he is very cunning and have been supporting her due to her promise of a big job in Abhi’s company.

He reminds her that she is carrying his child and says your life is in me, and says I know everything about your baby. He threatens to give all proofs to Abhi and says Abhi will kick you out then. She says even I will not take you in my life. Tanu thinks to kill him after marrying Abhi.

Tanu comes to Aaliya and shows the divorce papers. Aaliya gets happy and says I am so happy. Dadi is going from there and stops to hear them. Aaliya says Pragya will be out now, and you will become Abhi’s wife now. Tanu says Nikhil threatened me. She says my challenge is completed before 24 hours and I will kick her out of house. Aaliya says she is feeling peace. Tanu says this divorce will happen and my marriage too. She smiles. Dadi gets tensed. Pragya walks on the road and searches for their house. She says how can house go without informing her and goes calling house.

Dadi goes to Rachna and tells about Tanu and Aaliya’s conversation. Rachna asks her to call Abhi. Dadi says okay. Abhi asks Pragya to stop. He gets Dadi’s call. Dadi asks where are you and pragya? Abhi says Pragya is fine..we are near house and will reach there in sometime. Dadi tells Rachna that Tanu’s mind might be shaken because of Ronnie’s ghost. Rachna says yes. Abhi sees Pragya sitting on road and asks what happened? Pragya says she is hurt. Abhi says we have to get your operation. Pragya starts crying and says you believe on Tanu and not me. She says I don’t do anything for my advantage as I…..Allah wAriyan plays…………………They have an eye lock.

Precap will be added later.

Written Update by H Hasan

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