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Kumkum Bhagya 13th October 2015 Written Update

Nikhil coming to Abhi’s house and apologizes for not informing them before coming. He says you people are looking shocked. Abhi says we were talking something and you came. He asks him to help his friend and says he wants to sponsor personal function. Abhi asks him to talk to Pragya. Pragya asks him about his company’s poster. He says they need a model for an ad film. He says Tanu can act in his ad film. Nikhil says she can’t. I saw her in hospital. Abhi says yes. Pragya says she will check if his company deserves to sponsor our brand, and says they need 15 crores for this function. Abhi spits water and is shocked. He takes Pragya to a side. Aaliya is shocked too. Abhi asks Pragya, why she is greedy, and asks why she is quoting the rate. Pragya says she has to cover the loss and asks him not to interfere. The sponsor says amount is big, but we have a condition. He says Abhi will be our model for our company. Abhi refuses to model for lady product. Abhi refuses. Pragya says decision is taken. Abhi asks Nikhil to take part in Dussera function. Nikhil agrees. Tanu and Aaliya are tensed.

Tanu tells Aaliya that they have to do something and find a solution. Aaliya asks her to stop thinking about Nikhil. Tanu says he was trying to get close to me. Aaliya says he cares for you. She asks her not to behave like that and says people will doubt seeing your behavior. She asks her to calm down.

Later in the room, Abhi comes to Pragya and asks why did she say yes to ad. He says I am not an actor nor a model. Pragya says I am your boss and you have to do everything I order you. Abhi takes her saree and wears it. He wears her necklace. Pragya smiles. He wears her specs too. Pragya says I will increase your pocket money. Abhi says to hell with your pocket money. He says people will think him wrong. Pragya says they shall not know about our fights, and must think that you loves your ex wife still. She says she don’t want popularity. Dasi comes and greets Abhi, thinking her to be woman. Dadi pretends to scold Abhi and says you have changed. You have become her servant. Dasi says you are dancing indisguise of a woman and that too infront of her. She says Pragya might have hypnotize you. Abhi tries to say, but Dadi and Dasi scold him and leave. Pragya asks him not to come near her else he will attack him with a pen. Abhi says okay, you want to pen fight with me, and says we shall make this game interesting. He says he will fight with his black pen. They fight.

Abhi puts dumb bells near the door and thinks Pragya will fall down. Pragya comes and thinks he wants to make me fall. They argue. Abhi asks her to move and takes his phone. He puts his feet on the dumb bells and is about to fall down, but Pragya holds him and kisses him mistakely leaving her lipstick mark on his cheek. They look angrily. Abhi thinks why hero always loses. Ronnie and Payal see lipstick mark on his face and sings song. Abhi asks if they want to become singer and asks to go. Tanu comes and is about to kiss Abhi. She sees lipstick mark on his face and calls him cheater etc. Abhi wonders what has happened to her. He thinks about Tanu’s words that she gets mood swings and hyper. Abhi thinks she needs personal space and I should let her alone.

Pragya tells everyone that she’ll choose about their roles in Ram Leela. She asks Dadi being narrator. Tai ji suggests I can be narrator. Pragya asks if she knows Ramayan Chaupayya. She presents roles to Dasi and Dasharath’s position to Taya ji. Mitali suggests she is going to turn out to be Sita, and afterwards thinks she is going to come to be Urmila to rule in Palace. She gives Taiji, job of Kaikiye. She presents position of mantra to Tai ji. She provides Suparnakha’s role to Aaliya. Aaliya states she is least fascinated. Pragya states her selection is final. Mitali asks about Tanu’s purpose. Pragya states there is no purpose for her. Abhi informs Bulbul and Tanu that lady mogambo is organizing Ram Leela. Purab asks if he was with a person in advance of coming in this article? Abhi suggests he was with Pragya in his home. Abhi asks why you are inquiring? Purab tells Dadi that the grand son is having fun with. Aaliya suggests it seems he is paying out time with enemies. Tanu will get irked. Abhi states I’ve to admit you once again. He asks about their roles, and claims Girl mogambo will do Ravan’s role. She receives angry and appears at lipstick mark on his deal with. Abhi thinks she got frightened and went. Bulbul tells that she got shy and still left. Purab normally takes the photo and exhibits him. Abhi is shocked.

Pragya comes to Abhi’s area and sees her donning golden lipstick. Pragya displays her lips and Abhi looks on.

Written Update By Sahir


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