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Kumkum Bhagya 12th October 2015 Written Update

Tanu and Aaliya coming to Nikhil’s house. He looks at Tanu and says what a pleasant surprise. Aaliya and Tanu get inside his house. Tanu asks why did you come to the hospital? Aaliya reminds of his promise that he will not roam around Tanu. Nikhil says you said that Tanu is marrying Abhi for his money and will leave him after getting money. He says you don’t understand a father’s feelings and was shocked. He says I can’t let anything happen to my baby. Tanu says you would have asked Aaliya and called her. She says Abhi was doubting him. Nikhil says I don’t care. Aaliya warns him to do as she says. Nikhil asks her to keep quiet else. Tanu warns him and asks to keep quiet. Nikhil says I am father of this child and cares for him. Tanu picks the knife and says if Abhi gets to know about them then she will kill herself and the baby. Aaliya asks her to leave the knife and come with her. Nikhil looks on tensedly.

Bulbul puts Purab’s finger in hot tea. Purab scolds her. Bulbul says I am Bulbul. Sarla comes and laughs seeing them happily fighting. Bulbul makes Dadi and Pragya eat chocolate in the restaurant. Dadi says we will have to find out about the third person helping Aaliya. Bulbul says we have to find about Tanu’s baby father. Dadi sees Purab coming and tells that she can’t act. She tells Purab that she can’t hear her. Pragya asks her to agree and says you are supporting us in the plan to expose Aaliya and Tanu. Pragya laughs. Dadi asks who told him. Bulbul says Purab catched her in Sardar’s attire and they don’t have the way other than saying truth. Dadi says it is good and asks him not to tell Abhi. Bulbul says Abhi’s enemies can’t stay infront of our team. Purab says he will do everything to support Abhi. Raj is angry with Aaliya and Tanu. Tanu promises that they will not do anything without his consent. Mitali comes and hears him saying sorry. He tells her that he wants to give them job and realize their talent. Mitali says she needs job also. Raj says he will give her job as well. Mitali asks her to call boss. Aaliya hugs him and leaves. Mitali hugs Raj and says you gave me good gift of my life and your business will grow. Raj says I hope so.

Pragya comes to her room and sees Abhi with moustache and beard. She gets scared and says you are looking scary. Abhi asks her to wear it. Pragya refuses. Abhi insists her to stick on her face. He asks her to wear it and says he will stop calling her lady mogambo. Pragya agrees. Abhi makes her sit and makes her wear moustache and beard. Pragya gets scared seeing herself. Abhi clicks her photo and says you are looking like lady mogambo. Pragya says you said that you will not call me lady mogambo. Abhi asks when did I tell you. Pragya asks him to delete the photo else she will break fuggi’s specs. Abhi pretends to delete the pic and says I got both. Pragya tries to take his phone, but Abhi leaves.

Purab checks the papers in his Place of work, and asks how can papers go without having his indication. An individual hears him and calls Raj. He informs him every little thing. Raj asks him never to simply call him Anytime he is in Workplace. Purab sees the worker calling somebody and follows him. Raj says we really have to Assume another thing. Aaliya also says precisely the same.

Mitali asks Dadi if they’ll celebrate Dussera. Abhi asks how you may celebrate. Dasi says we shall celebrate. Abhi says Pragya is like ravan and he or she will not likely celebrate. Pragya comes and informs them that they will rejoice Dussera like past year. Abhi says you are able to’t get any donation in Dussera and suggests we shall burn you as opposed to Ravan. Dasi suggests Ram Leela. Payal suggests Dandiya. Pragya asks them to find the sponsors. Just then Nikhil comes and asks if everyone is looking ahead to him.

Pragya sees the dumb bells on the ground and thinks he retained it for making her slide. Abhi thinks her Future is sweet. Abhi attempts to get his cellphone and places toes on the dumb bells. Pragya attempts to enable him and vegetation a kiss mistakenly. Abhi gets furious.

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