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Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya watch online

The Episode starts with Dadi hoping that things will be fine. Abhi starts throwing tantrums and rest on the sofa to take a quick nap. Pragya asks him to let Abhi take his time. Abhi asks when your boss have no complaints then why you? Purab comes and asks Abhi why he is not ready yet. Pragya asks him to send guard inside, and asks him to buy 30-40 kilos of vegetables eggs and tomatoes, get it distributed in the crowd, and asks them to throw it if the concert don’t start on time. She asks him to give money to people also and asks them to throw chappals also. Abhi gets angry and agrees to get ready. Purab asks Pragya to dismiss her plans. Abhi’s fan think why the concert haven’t begin yet. Aaliya thinks security is tight and thinks what to do? She hears Akash talking to security and says I will spoil the mic so that Abhi can’t sing. She thinks how to compromise with the sound system, and if anyone sees her….Tanu waits for Pragya and thinks it is enough now. She is not picking my call and is making me dance on her tune.

Pragya comes there and says I came when you was dancing on my tune. She says I am trying to help you, and you are bad mouthing about me. She says you are selfish. Tanu apologizes and says she is tensed because of blackmailer. Pragya says I am helping you just because for Abhi. Tanu asks if you got blackmailer’s call. Pragya says no, she signs Ronnie to call. Ronnie calls her as blackmailer and asks her to meet after 30 mins. Tanu tells Pragya that she wanted to meet blackmailer at some other place as it is crowded place. Pragya asks why you are scared and what have you done? Tanu says he might have my morphed pictures. Pragya asks her where did she hide the money bag and asks her not to ask money from her.

Abhi greets this fans and says he is happy to be back and love them all. He begins the concert and sings Shaame Malang Si………………..Elahi Mera Dil Aaye……….

Sarla sees Nikhil and alerts Dadi and Ronnie. Tanu thinks nikhil will spoil her plan today and calls him useless, thirdclass etc. Nikhil comes wearing burqa and asks if blackmailer called Pragya. Tanu says she will ask Pragya to call him and call at some place. Nikhil asks her to call blackmailer to vanity van and says we will get the camera’s attached there, and will see his face and then will think whether to meet him or not. Tanu says plan is good and asks him not to shock her again else she will get a heart attack. Nikhil says it will not happen as her heart is with him. Tanu calls Pragya and asks her to call blackmailer to vanity van. Pragya informs Purab about it. Purab says camera is kept in vanity van also and it will be easy for them to see her boyfriend. Sarla reacts again. Pragya thinks she has seen someone and gets out of the CCTV monitoring room.

Pragya comes out and sees Tanu going with a burqa clad man. She wonders where they are going. Nikhil moves her burqa veil and Pragya happens to see his face. She thinks if it is her doubt, recalls seeing Tanu and Nikhil together.

Pragya tells Dadi that she don’t know what to do, whether to keep eye on Tanu or stop Abhi from announcing his marriage plan on stage. She says his fans will hate me and think that I am stopping his marriage.

Written Update By H Hasan


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