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Kumkum Bhagya 1st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya watch online

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Dadi that he can’t marry Tanu until he gives divorce to Pragya. Dadi asks what I shall do? Abhi asks her to convince Pragya for divorce, and says if she gets angry and refuses to give divorce then the matter will go to court and it will take much time. Dasi hears them and asks Dadi to talk to her. Dadi says she will talk to Pragya and asks him not to worry.

Pragya thinks about Tanu’s smart move, and her conversation with Abhi. She thinks I have to end Tanu’s game and can’t see my family suffer anymore. Abhi comes to room. Pragya tears some papers and throws it in dustbin. Abhi gets angry and thinks he should….Pragya turns and he takes back his hands. He thinks he should treat her nicely, and then only she will agree for divorce. He says he has to keep her happy, as Dadi will talk to her tomorrow. Pragya asks him if he is upset with her. Abhi says no, and takes out his mobile phone. He says I have realized that anger is bad and dry up blood, and I don’t want to waste my anything on you. Pragya gets angry. Abhi says it is not worth to burn blood for others. He asks her to calm down, when someone instigates her to get angry. He says you will look less old and more young if you lowers your anger. Pragya says do you want to do my betterment. Abhi says I want to do everyone’s betterment by distributing the gyaan. Pragya says you can’t think of my betterment, and says this doesn’t suit you. Abhi says I am a changed man. Pragya says your mood is like mumbai’s rain and can change at any time. Abhi gets angry and thinks she knows more about myself than I do.

Pragya says see you are talking to yourself in heart. Abhi says live and let live and asks why she is very complicated. He asks her to look here and there and tell what is her own. Pragya looks in her room. Abhi says he is talking about life partner, kids, family etc. He says you haven’t thought about your future and asks her to think. Pragya says she don’t want to think about all that. She gets up, but falls down on his lap. Abhi says it is needed, and asks until when he can save her from falling down. He says you will need someone to save you, take you in his embrace, lifts you in his arms and put you on bed, and asks if you got hurt. They have an eye lock while Abhi asks her. Sanam Re plays…………………Abhi gets up and asks her to think that she is losing so much while trying to earn money. He asks her to find someone and says he is talking about her betterment. He leaves. Pragya thinks Abhi is taking care of her when they are so far. She thinks Abhi will take care of her very well, when they get together and hopes he becomes her future.

Tanu comes to Aaliya and says your idea worked. She says I talked to Abhi just like you told me. She says I took him in my confidence. Aaliya is tensed and asks how is everyone at home. If Abhi is doing any concert or launching any music. Tanu says he is always in tension and forgot to make music. Aaliya says she didn’t have a peaceful sleep. Just then Tanu gets Nikhil’s call. She tells him that she followed Aaliya’s suggestion and took Abhi in her confidence. She asks if you got to know about the blackmailer. Nikhil says no and says he has been using different sim cards and seems professional. He says he will find out if he calls again and asks her to keep an eye on everyone. Tanu says okay and disconnects the call.

Dadi comes to Pragya’s room and calls Abhi angrily. Pragya asks what happened? She says he is not in the room. Dadi closes the door and asks Pragya what happened between them. She says Abhi asked her to talk to her about divorce. She asks what shall I tell him. Pragya asks her to tell that she haven’t spoken to her. Pragya says I will think about something. Pragya smiles and keeps hand on Dadi’s face, when Abhi comes and asks what is happening? Pragya says I was telling Dadi that she is looking tensed. Abhi asks why she is in tension. Pragya says she asked me to give you divorce, and says I was making her understand that anger is not right. Dadi says you haven’t see my anger yet and says I am elder in this house. Pragya refuses to accept her sayings. Dadi says it is my order and asks her to get divorce silently. Pragya tells Abhi to calm her down else she will get angry. Dadi warns Pragya and asks her not to refuse for divorce. Pragya says she will think. Dadi says you shall give divorce till evening. Tanu comes and hears them. Pragya says I won’t give divorce. Abhi asks Dadi to calm down, and not to argue with her. He asks Dadi to come with him. Dadi says war is still not over. Pragya says I will end it with my win. Tanu asks what happened? Dadi and Pragya argue again. Abhi takes Dadi with him. Tanu asks Pragya to give divorce.

Purab talks to Sarla and says you will again stand up on your feet. Sarla looks at him. Purab says Pragya is suffering being right and Tanu is enjoying her life being wrong. He asks her not to take tension and says few things will not be same like before, like Bulbul. He says he misses her, but can’t take support of her memories, as he will get weak and can’t fulfill her last wish. Ronnie comes to room, hears them and says I can understand your pain. He says Pragya’s enemies will cry, and we will make her mission succeed. Purab tells Sarla that he will send Rachna to stay with her, and says he will punish Bulbul’s murderers and asks for her blessings. Sarla gets teary eyes.

Dadi apologizes to Abhi. Abhi says he is already tortured and says he will talk to Pragya.

Written Update By H Hasan


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