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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 9th December 2015 Written Update

Maddy gathers all his stuff from cabin, Koyal goes to him n says maddy don’t do all this, maddy says Koyal this is ur cabin now, Koyal says I can’t take ur position I don’t deserve all this I am resigning, why are they doing this to us, n how dare they demote u when u are so deserving. Maddy says Koyal relax take a sit, see Koyal if u think I am deserving I am very happy but look at brighter side u are being promoted ur talent is being taken forward I mean u ladies have an inborn talent in u and they are boss they recognise talent n u shd be happy n not think abt it n I am very very happy for u Koyal, n if u think I am feeling bad u are wrong n if I deserve things I will get them n today it’s celebration time cmon smile.

Vidya says Amma why are u following these madden trends, Leela says Vidya I always did what I thought right, Vidya says so all u care is abt maddy I mean me n surya are unmarried, Leela says so do u like someone tell me, me n appa will go n talk to them, Vidya says Amma relax, I want a grand wedding, u have always invested in maddy n now it’s return time n he will have to return it for his akka.

Koyal goes to meet baba, baba says yes new manager come in, Koyal says sir why did u do this, I Came for my husband, I am not even eligible n it will be bad for company, baba says why do u think so it’s my n my sons company n we know what we do n we promote them who are talented I mean ur dedication to talk to awara for ur husband that proves ur dedication for work n abt ur husband if he works hard he will be promoted too n please go join ur new duty.

Vidya bangs tanis door n says please come out of washroom n makes lot of noise, she gets a call n says oh hi I spoke to Amma n may be u will have to come meet them in mean while tani comes out n gosh rushes in, Vidya says paru aunty plz tell gosh uncle he always irritates me, u all have made this house n Dharamshala, paru says let me go call him out, paru bangs door n says come out, gosh says I can’t hear u, Vidya says u guys have made it a zoo, tani says Vidya mind ur tongue, paru says tani enough don’t talk to her in this tone, gosh comes out n Vidya goes In Bathroom n sees gosh hearing aid n flushes it.

Baba tells raj Koyal gave me a visit. Raj says baba I love her n I know what she must be there for, baba says if u love her a lot go meet her, raj says not now I have to wait for right time, yesterday She wanted to see me but for her husband n now I have started created differences in them n soon u will see how they separate, u know baba whole world took me as a useless n maddy as the deserving even Koyal n now when maddy is being demoted see how will he react n Koyal will know maddy is fake, n now the fire of hatred will burn.

Raj sees Koyal n maddy walking together, maddy says Koyal u will be best manager I am so proud of u n keeps hand over her shoulder, Koyal says maddy these bosses will learn soon that u are the most deserving, raj sees this n says I thought this will separate them but n walks in, in anger n says even today maddy won, i won’t leave him, this is the beginning I will ruin Maddys life n in such way that Koyal wouldn’t even spit on him.

Maddy sees Koyal upset n says here is my laptop for u, Koyal says no maddy I know nothing abt it, maddy says I will teach u because I can’t see anyone pointing at u,come with me, maddy takes Koyal out n both sit out n says Koyal I didn’t want anyone see us with laptop n ask us thousand of questions n anyways why are t u letting me tell everyone abt ur promotion, Koyal says maddy things have changed, maddy says ok we will tell when u are comfortable n I like ur spirit now come lets start, maddy starts teaching Koyal, maddy looks at Koyal taking interest n smiles, raj n babas car passing bye, raj sees them happy n says the more I see them happy the more the urge to separate them will grow, baba says raj don’t trocher ur self, raj says no baba, this maddy has always let me down n now u see slowly money n promotion will bring differences ended in them.

Precap:Koyal goes in a lift n gets caught, it’s all dark n raj is beside her, maddy says Koyal don’t worry, Koyal says yes maddy please help.

Written Update By Tanaya