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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 8th October 2015 Written Update, Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 8 Oct 2015 Telly Update, Written Episode 8th October 2015, Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 8th October 2015 Written Update Review, Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 8 Oct 2015 Written Story.
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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 8th October 2015 Written Update

Tere Mere Darmiyaan watch online

Koyal says baba raj has gone to meet leela aunty he will do all well, rosy n paru come there n say that he is the one who made this mistake, leela checks factory file n says who is this behind all workers n asking them to sign this petition, paru says to koyal raj is good for nothing, leela comes there n says i am here to give a good news gosh babus job is back, paru says thanku so much u made a big favour, leela says don’t thank me its koyals friend who did it.
Leela tells them what happened in factory:
maddy explains all workers that this mistake can happen with them n they need to help gosh babu n sign a petition to help gosh babu,workers agree to maddy n sign petition, leela sees this n says this raj is behind workers n then sees maddy, leela says who are u to talk on this, maddy says madam i applied for job here n got selected n this is my worker id and we all workers have signed a petition asking for gosh babus job back, leela accepts the petition.)
Listening to this story, paru says maddy u are a hero, koyal thinks i thought raj helped but its maddy n says thanku maddy, gosh babu says thanku maddy u saved my life, maddy says plz don’t embarrass me, shobu comes injured n all ask whats wrong who hit u, shobu says i was going on my bike n raj came n hit me, rosy says i will not leave this raj now,leela says enough koyal u take care i shall leave now.
Maddy surya n leela come out, surya says maddy i think u are getting too involved in koyals matter, i mean she hasn’t said yes for engagement yet n u do too much for her, she shdnt take u for granted its bad u see, maddy says anna plz she is my friend,leela asks what are u talking abt, maddy says amma sorry in factory i didn’t want to go against u, leela says maddy u did the right think.
Koyal says ma plz don’t involve police in this matter after all raj is ur friends son, paru says rosy is angry too n koyal enough of raj think cant u see ur baba n brother, tani tell koyal its too much now n koyal we have fixed ur engagement get ready for it, koyal says but ma such big decision without asking me, paru says koyal now get off the raj chapter n not a word abt him n leaves.
Koyal says to raj, raj i always try to save u from ma n babas anger but u keep spoiling things, for u all sounds like a joke right, sheena soumya n u just want to keep flirting with these girls right, raj says cmon koyal from where this sheena thing came n i did that for u, koyal says n u saw what that turned out to be n do u know ma has fixed my engagement but u will take this as joke too n leaves.
Paru says to gosh babu that keep acting as ill n koyal will agree to marry maddy, we will use this illness problem, tani hears this n says what are these two upto i will not let this happen.
Raj goes home, rosy says see hero is home, n raj tell us what new problem are u upto,raj says ma koyal is getting engaged, rosy says good for her leave her alone n stop troubling her n her family n leaves in anger, rajs sister says bhai i know who is koyal getting engaged to, its maddy, hearing this raj starts laughing what a joke, this will never happen, paru has no sense.
Maddy thinking abt how to propose koyal, n says koyal i know u want a guy who has u first on his mind n keeps u happy always n today i am gonna propose u. Koyal walking on streets n says god ma n baba why are they behind me n this raj has already spoilt everything, tani says i have to tell koyal who is she gonna get engaged too, n calls koyal n says koyal i called u tell who are u gonna engaged to, koyal says plz di i don’t want to hear abt this bye, koyal calls maddy n says i want to talk to u, maddy says ok n then says good she called me n now i will propose her, maddy makes arrangements to meet koyal.
Raj trying to call koyal but she doesn’t receive his calls, raj says ok i will go check her at her fav place.

Maddy fulfills koyal n koyal hugs him, koyal says thank god u arrived, maddy states I am aware large amount of points transpired currently but all will probably be fantastic believe in me, koyal usually takes a cake from his hand n states maddy ma is so driving me n i cant consider her any more, maddy says don’t fear check with me u will feel excellent, koyal claims I’m sure u are my ally n I am able to talk with u on anything n i sense so relieved when i share points with u, koyal turns about, maddy goes on his knees n gets rid of ring for koyal, koyal claims maddy u know ma n she gets concept from tani di, that ma n baba has organized ur engagement with ur Close friend, maddy claims koyal i wanted to request u, koyal thinks ally n raj will come managing n states koyal the joke is ur engagement is been mounted with maddy.
Koyal hearing this gets shocked n sees tani di has sent maddys Image, she turns all around n sees maddy with ring proposing her, n says my engagement with u maddy, ring slips from maddys hand n viewing koyals encounter n says what raj bcoz of u now i have to end this act, evaluate koyals encounter n ur mother and father koyal god they need me to marry u, raj suggests wow maddy i preferred ur act n these preparations, maddy feels lousy n suggests koyal do u love someone else, koyal says to herself how will i explain to u maddy if i haven’t advised him nonetheless.
Precap: raj n koyal finding close to eachother.

Written Update By Sahir