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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 7th October 2015 Written Update, Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 7 Oct 2015 Telly Update, Written Episode 7th October 2015, Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 7th October 2015 Written Update Review, Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 7 Oct 2015 Written Story.
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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 7th October 2015 Written Update

Tere Mere Darmiyaan watch online

Maddy says koyal i want to talk to u koyal says yes speak, maddy looks at raj,koyal says what u don’t want to talk in front of raj, raj says ok u guys talk i will take selfies, koyal n maddy walk away, maddy says did ma tell u abt the morning discussion and abt the relation, koyal says everything a told m n says to herself why is he so excited abt tani n surajs marriage, maddy says to himself so koyal loves me too n says koyal are u ok with it, koyal says yes i am but maddy i think there shd be equality, raj says koyal is right, maddy says yes koyal u are right.
Raj flirting with a girl, koyal trying to reach raj but raj doesn’t receive koyals call, and keeps flirting with the girl, he makes the girl busy in talking and asks what is this list, she says its increment list see, koyal goes rajs house, rosy says he isn’t here n don’t u waste time behind him he must be busy behind some girl, raj keeps the girl busy n adds gosh babus name in the list, rosy says koyal call raj n if he receives call u win, but he wont he just uses everyone, raj says to himself koyal this is for u, rajs sister says ma bhai is the best u always take him wrong, he always cares for everyone.
Koyal near factory, raj says hi koyal ,koyal says where were u, raj says stop asking questions n come with me. Gosh babu asks paru when will u tell koyal abt maddy n her, paru says waiting for right time, gosh babu gets letter from office abt increment, paru asks what is it show me, gosh babu tries to hide but paru sees it n both get excited seeing bonus, koyal hears this n says this must be done by raj to help me, gosh babu sees other attached letter n he faints, koyal reads it, it reads it is an retirement letter n its last check, gosh babu wakes up n says was this dream, paru says no u are retired now, paru n gosh babu panic n start crying, koyal calls raj, raj sees her call but his sister takes the phone n hugs raj n says bhai i am in trouble one guy always follows me n troubles me, raj says who tell me his bike number i will look after it.
Gosh babu starts getting sick, koyal says baba don’t worry god will send angel for help, door bell rings, koyal checks its maddy, koyal starts crying n says maddy baba n hugs him, paru sees maddy n rushes to him n says see maddy factory has announced retirement, maddy says keep calm i will call doctor, koyal says ma don’t worry, paru says look koyal ur baba lied his age, koyal says i will check his documents n see his birth date n all.
Koyal keeps trying raj, raj avoids her call, raj finds the biker n hits him, raj removes his helmet n sees its koyals brother n says why where u following sanju, i am leaving u now bcoz u are koyals brother n now i will tell her everything, he says no raj everyone is very tensed at home, baba has fainted, factory has announced his retirement with last bonus,raj gets tensed n rushes to meet sheena(leelas secretary to whom raj fooled n added gosh babus name in the list)
Raj meets sheena and asks him u said yesterday that the list is increment list n what is retirement, she says it was retirement list too n it means u added gosh babus name n now leela mam is blaming me i don’t wish to see ur face, raj says shit i increased gosh babus birth date in it to increase his pay, rosy n paru here this, rosy shouts raj n says raj why do u do this, n slaps him, paru says forget it leave him rosy lets go talk to leela,raj says plz give me a chance i will make all fine, paru says plz raj plz leave me n my family alone.

Maddy goes to leela, leela is scolding sheena n sees maddy n claims maddy she advised me its raj who did this n i will speak with sheena in Business office, maddy states amma do a thing plz assistance gosh uncle, leela claims maddy enterprise principles i cant support it, go aid gosh babu instead of talking to me.
Koyal goes to raj, raj claims sorry i didn get it done on goal, koyal says i realize it raj but plz do a thing n prove that u didn’t get it done on function,I’m so fearful, raj claims don’t stress i can make everything correct,tani phone calls koyal n she leaves.
Koyal goes household ,tani states see evaluate baba wherever are u roaming, koyal suggests u stay with baba n where by is shubu(brother),koyal suggests i will Look at babas certificates. Raj goes to leela n states aunty gosh babu situation, leela states raj u produced a tremendous mistake n now this matter is just not in my hand, its a tremendous firm n that to authorities ,raj states to hell with government, raj claims sorry to yell aunty but plz aid gosh babu, leela says raj bcoz of u gosh babu lost his career n if u don’t leave ur dad are going to be next to get rid of position, kappor will come n claims sorry mam n raj u come with me n suggests raj see this make a difference has grown to be extremely severe n its my do the job spot plz depart or else i wont be capable of aid u n help you save u from rosy, raj leaves n suggests koyal i promise i will make this fantastic.
Precap: koyal standing dealing with back again to maddy, maddy kneels down with ring in his hand.

Written Update By Sahir