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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 6th October 2015 Written Update

Episode starts with, raj at factory with his acting friends waiting for koyal n maddy, n says scene is when koyal comes, koyal arrives, raj says yes u have to try n harras her n maddy will save her go get going, koyal starts running asking for help, n sees maddy n says maddy help me plz some guys are behind me, maddy says koyal what are u doing here, koyal says i heard ma talking to u n so came here, see those guys n koyal hides behind maddy, maddy asks the guys to leave n not trouble koyal, maddy n those guys get in to fight, the fight gets serious, koyal gets hurt too, maddy says koyal why did u come in middle, one guy abt to hit koyal, raj comes in n he gets hurt too, maddy says raj why did u come in middle, maddy says i will call police those guys run away, raj says if i wouldn’t come in middle who would bore us whole life, koyal says to herself this proves raj loves me too, maddy thinks this shows koyal loves me too she came here to talk to me, maddy says raj koyal come lets go to doctor, koyal asks who are u, maddy says koyal how could u have memory loss, koyal says only little secret i hide from u why did u get angry this is just an act we are fine n sorry , maddy says its ok i forgive u, koyal says thanku n hugs maddy n says raj u says sorry too, maddy says its ok raj.
Gosh babu hides near window n sees ma enjoying music, he gets in house from window n checks parus purse, paru walks in the room, gosh babu hides in cupboard, paru opens the door n gets scared n says come out, koyal shouts ma, raj acts as if he is too hurt n injured n maddy n koyal get him on shoulder, ma says what is this koyal u went alone n maddy was with u how did raj come, koyal says ma some guys came to harras me n maddy n raj saved us n he has a memory loss.paru says oh good lets call doctor, ma goes to call rosy, rosy n rajs dad come to meet raj, paru says lets give him his fav food may be his memory will be back, rosy says my son n puts hand over rajs head, raj shouts what is this ma u know it takes so long to set my hair, rosy says u prankster come with home n pulls him out of door.
Suryas n tanis engagement party is being discussed in maddys house, ma thinks at right time i will talk abt maddy n koyal too but let koyal come.
Koyal searching for raj, raj meets her, koyal says here is protein shake for u, after yesterdays act rosy aunty must have stopped ur pocket money so here it is, raj says u are my best friend come lets go gym.
Venkat says gosh babu we have decided that we will take all expenses, gosh babu gets happy, ma says no no u aren’t taking dowry nor expenses, leela says paru i want no money i just want tani to be happy n don’t want her to sit idle home but work i hope she is ok with it, tani says i will amma.
Raj asks koyal why didn’t u go to maddys house, koyal says i wanted to be with u, koyal exercises in wrong way, raj says koyal u will hurt urself let me help u, raj gets very close to koyal, koyal keeps looking at raj.
Ma says leelaji i wish koyal n maddy get married too, maddy blushes, leela says we will be very happy for this relation too, just talk to koyal once, ma says if u all agree n maddy is ready to its all good n i have spoken to koyal abt it she is ready too,maddy blushes n leaves.
Koyal n raj at gym, koyal lost in raj, n maddy happy to hear abt his n koyals news, raj sees koyal is tired he gets a towel n helps her by wiping sweat over her forehead n leaves, koyal smiles looking at raj.

paru claims to leela we are so delighted that both my daughters will marry ur sons,leela states me too, paru says then with surya n tanis engagement we shall announce koyal n maddys engagement way too.
Gosh babu claims to paru why did u talk abt koyal n maddy u shd have spoken to her, paru suggests i want koyal to get rid of that rascal raj n i will make positive koyal claims Sure to maddy.maddy serving to leela in kitchen, leela states i realized u like koyal n so i explained Of course with out inquiring u, maddy states many thanks ma, but amma koyal is rather intimate Female n she generally dreams of her dream proposal, leela claims then what are u looking forward to go ask her, maddy states Okay i will go right this moment n check with her abt this relation.
Gosh babu says to koyal if tani agrees every single matter why don’t u agree also, koyal says tani di never ever experienced any viewpoint abt herself n leela aunty needs her to work but tani di doesn’t even know primary Personal computer know-how, gosh says see i cant afford to pay for this cost Allow venkat n leela teach her n do what they want, koyal suggests baba but how can u do that.
Raj fulfills koyal, koyal upset , raj asks whats wrong, koyal suggests i just asked abt Laptop or computer course n I need it for tani di, i comprehend baba has great deal of stress but tani di, raj claims but why are u so tensed, ur dad won’t ever give u income even though he had income, koyal says plz he would but he has no money now, raj suggests i am below I’ll handle for it, maddy arrives, koyal asks maddy u listed here, maddy thinks oh raj is listed here also what shd i do, shd i speak n i wouldn’t get this prospect yet again.

Precap: gosh babu Ill, koyal claims don’t fear baba god will ship angel for us, door bell rings, koyal opens door n sees maddy , maddy enters n claims this rasam, koyal suggests maddy very good u came baba, maddy asks what baba why are u tensed,koyal commences crying n hugs maddy.

Written Update By Sahir