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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 5th December 2015 Written Update

The episode begins with, Leela says Vidya, Koyal is Maddys love, look maddy is here, maddy says oh akka how are u, u forgot me right, Vidya says oh I did, u married me without my notice n heard that u weren’t meant to marry but, anyways, maddy says Amma I am sorry about mobile scene, Vidya says oh new mobile looks like a expensive one but see ammas saree is so old one I asked her should I get one but she said no, maddy says akka u will never change let me freshen up then we shall chat, Koyal says maddy will u have tea, Vidya says Koyal we South Indians have coffee u don’t know this too, maddy says I am good thanku, Vidya says Koyal I heard maddy is gonna be promoted so I guess ur ma baba will gift him gold chain, Leela says Vidya, Vidya says go Koyal take rest, Leela says Vidya don’t do these things, Vidya says Amma now u see how Vidya will bring a change.

Leela n Koyal in kitchen, tani joins them, paru comes too, Vidya says Amma didn’t u tell me u started an lodging business, Leela says Vidya this is paru koyals ma n tani her sister, Vidya says oh hi so where do u stay, I mean how long will u stay, paru says we stay here actually we stayed in company cottages but after retirement we stay here, Vidya says must be feeling so bad staying at daughters In laws place n u know I feel like this is like a Dharamshala all staying here, n like a film n Vidya keeps insulting paru n gosh.

Maddy joins them, Vidya says so ready for office, maddy says yes I am n Amma its promotion day today, Leela says all the best, maddy takes paru n Leelas blessing, venkat n gosh wish luck to maddy, Koyal n maddy leave for office.

Koyal visits Maddys cabin n calls him sir, maddy says Koyal don’t call sir, Koyal says why not I will it’s office n not our house, everyone is informed that new owner mr awara has asked everyone to gather down, maddy n Koyal get surprised, Koyal says wow he took over our company as well lets see who it is now.

Baba comes to office, Koyal says oh he is the host n now I know why they invited us u the new manager so I guess, maddy says I think it’s for u, may be u are getting promoted too, baba says so guys it’s promotion time n also one thing is we have fired few members n disturbs everyone letters, n leaves.

Maddy opens his letter, Koyal says how is this possible, maddy says yes why are they firing me what have I done, manager says maddy it’s not in my hands they have called two new managers, maddy says sir I have worked so hard for this post please sir how will I manage, manager says not in my hands sorry n leaves, maddy says Koyal what will we do now, Koyal says maddy we will manage find a new job or something, maddy says how will I inform abt this home, an employ says Koyal coming to shefalis wedding, Koyal says no I won’t, maddy says why not she will come, Koyal relax, Koyal says maddy we have to find a solution, maddy says Koyal u go I will manage , Koyal says ok but now don’t tell abt this In house n are u fine, maddy says yes Koyal I am fine,

Maddy is tensed, Vidya sees him n says Amma why is maddy so tensed, looks something is fishy, I mean why is he here so early, Leela says tomorrow he will know abt promotion n u know he always gets scared, Vidya says no Amma something is wrong.

Koyal in factory takes an early leave, on her way she is thinking abt awara n says today I will see how will u hide u have to meet me today, Koyal reaches awaras house,security doesn’t allow her in,Koyal says sir it’s very important, raj sees Koyal n seeing her begging security to meet him, he losses his calm n rushes down to Koyal in tears, baba tries to stop him,raj says baba please I can’t take it anymore, baba says stop, raj hears Koyal saying I am here for my husband, n he is a very good man I am here for my husband, to talk abt his job please, he always stood by me please,let me meet awara sir.

Precap: Koyal rests her head on a chair n closes her eyes, raj comes there n holds her hand.

Written Update By Tanaya