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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 3rd October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with raj n maddy’s parents coming to meet koyal. All the ladies are talking about how lucky is leena to have maddy as her son. Raj’s mom tells koyal’s mom that maddy n koyal look good together n she should think abhout them. Everyone bids goodbye to koyal. Koyal asks maddy to wait n she’ll go n say bye to raj. She goes to raj. He says that she dint go till now its her train so why is she here. She says she had come to say bye to him as he wouldn’t have come. He becomes a bit rude to her so that she goes. She leaves from there. He sees her from the window going. His mom says should she tell koyal what he did for her. He says no. Koyal reaches the railway station. She bumps into rewati. At that time she gets to know that raj just cooked up a story that he is with rewati as he hasnt met rewati from past 2 months. She then goes in the train n asks her mom about what all raj’s mom has sent for her. She sees badami halwa her favourite sweet n realizes her conversation with raj. She then goes out to search raj. Raj is sitting in the railway station. His sister comes n thanks him for the phone. She says that now she got to know why he gave her a non branded phone. She also says that she also got to know why he was rude to koyal so that she goes to mumbai as this way koyal would go. He asks her not to irritate more n go from here. Koyal comes there finding him n hugs him. She says she got to know why he did this. She asks him to stop her n she wont go. Koyal’s mom is talking to maddy’s dad about their relation. She says if koyal n maddy also get married it ll be good.

Maddy’s father suggests that he feels that it should be resolved by Young children n he doesnt choose to force them. Maddy involves koyal n claims that prepare goes n now she should come. He normally takes her from there. Raj pushes a bag in order to prevent koyal from heading. She functions just as if hurt n raj suggests that she acts properly. They go house. The doctor has plastered her leg n says she wants comprehensive relaxation. Maddy takes treatment of her n koyal’s mom sees this n gets satisfied. Ghosh babu us upset as koyal cant head to mumbai n koyal’s Mother is happy as now koyaln maddy can marry. The screen freezes on koyal’s experience.

Precap: Koyal receives up n maddy is all damp. He cries that she lied that she’s wounded. Koyal suggests He’s wet she’ll get a towel for him. Maddy says he desires a solution initially concerning why did she lie.

Written Update By Sahir