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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 30th September 2015 Written Update

The episode begins with, at party gosh babu n ma come with maddys brother, ma asks tani to stay with him n goes out with gosh, ma n gosh babu go inside n praise the decorations.
Maddy n koyal reach party too, gosh babu n ma see maddy n koyal together n ma gets very happy n says gosh babu see koyal with maddy how nice, n when my both daughters will marry this two brothers i will be so happy, maddy happy being with koyal, koyal waiting for raj to arrive, a lady starts coughing, maddy helps her n gets water for her, that lady later meets ma n asks her abt maddy for her daughter, hearing this gosh gets surprised, ma thinks she will make her negative abt maddy n says that guy he is all night out , he failed thrice in college, that lady says oh, ma says don’t get upset i have an guy his name is raj, he is Punjabi like u people if he was Bengali i would have asked him for my koyal, that lady leaves to find raj.
Himansho(director) enters the party, koyal worried abt raj since he didn’t arrive n prays that he arrives soon, maddy seeing koyal prays too, koyal sees maddy n asks what are u asking for, maddy says i wished that whatever u wished u may get it, koyal says oh u are so sweet.
Leela mam welcomes everyone n director, boss of the company praises himansho n says plz applaud my fav director n he is also here hunting for new talent, koyal says to herself raj u are all dreams will come true plz come soon.
The coughing lady asks rajs parents for her daughter, rajs dad says have i drunk a lot or m i dreaming rajs mother says u must be looking for someone else i guess, that lady says i heard ur raj is very talented n intelligent, he always tops his exams, n says my daughter is very intelligent too, rajs mother says plz give me some time to think n ignores that lady.
Raj starts his performance in the party on badtameez dil song,koyal loves to see raj performing, raj ends his performance n goes to himansho n says so how was it sir, himansho asks what is ur name, raj says raj kappor sir one n only, himansho says raj a lot of guys have done this to impress me but failed n u too are one of them, i don’t blame u, u small town guys have this problem u have big dreams but no efforts, raj says sir one chance plz, himansho says ccome Mumbai go through the struggle n then u will learn the process but i would suggest go study properly or else u will neither be a hero nor a have any job, raj feels bad n leaves.
Koyal gets angry n says sir u are big director n u didn’t arrive at once even u had dreams, if shahrukhan can from middle class become such big actor why cant raj, how can u decide that he cant be hero just because he is from small town, he may be just an struggler for u but can be someones life, himansho says see having dreams is not bad but raj needs to make efforst n i was just showing him what struggle he has to go through even i went from this too n today i am happy that i am not going disappointed from here bcoz u impressed me n i would like to cast u in my new film, so think abt this opportunity n give me a call n leaves.
Raj thinking what to do now, how could that director not like me, maddy comes there n say sraj, raj says i will go in n try again, maddy says don’t raj he doesn’t know how talented u are, i know how talented u are, i am seeing u work towards ur dream n i know u will succeed, koyal confused comes out, raj says i want my dreams to come true, maddy says raj don’t wait koyal, raj says yes koyal always drops at wrong time, koyal joins them raj says koyal tell me shd i go casting tomorrow, koyal says u don’t have to casting is already done, raj says what he chose me wow how n, koyal says no raj he chose me n not u.

Precap: maddy gives raj food n says koyal gave, raj says thanks man i was so hungry. Koyal happy seeing raj have food n maddy happy seeing koyal happy.

Written By: Tanaya