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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 30th October 2015 Written Update

Paru goes to koyal n says koyal study later come help me kitchen, i have lot of work, shobu says ma koyal has her exams, i will help u ma, i will wash all clothes, tani di come lets help ma, tani says yes why not n koyal go study n tell me if u want coffee, koyal says thanku guys, shobu says go study u have to pass for ur love, tani says wow our shobu has become so sweet, shobu says i was always, tani says ok koyal go study, shobu takes newspaper n leaves
Paru says to herself koyal i will use some other technique for my plans, shobu goes to factory n says today its dassera n so no one will be in factory n goes to samars cabin n keeps a note n says samar will pay one lakh n by reading this he will tell tani di the truth n she will be free, shobu realises someone has entered the cabin n sees its samar, samar looks at shobu n letter on table n asks what are u doing here, shobu thinks i hope he hasn’t seen me keeping the note n says tani di asked me to collect files, samar thinks i hope shobu didn’t see this note n says shobu tanis files must be in her cabin go collect it, shobu says thanku sir n leaves n says samar today ur true face will be in front of everyone n this is last time for sanju n then ur lie will be in front of everyone tonight.samar sees the note it reads, get 1 lakh behind factory compound.
Koyal starts studying, n says thanks maddy because of u will pass now, paru n gosh keeping an eye on koyal, gosh says do whatever but just be careful, paru says get my bag in which i have my sleeping pills, i will mix them in milk n give koyal, gosh mixes pills in koyals milk, n goes to get spoon to mix them, paru thinks gosh got scared n left n so adds some more pills n walks to koyal n says have milk koyal, u will feel good, koyal says ma i want coffee, paru says have milk its a better option, koyal says thanks ma i love u, paru says i love u too koyal, koyal drinks the milk
Gosh hides the medicine n says now koyal wont make it for exam, samar n leela in office, samar says leelaji what abt amrish n his family, leela says they are in search of new house, samar says i feel bad for them i wish i could help them but i also have to set a lesson so that no one dares to do such thing again, leela says i know sir but now they are making arrangements of 1 lakh for new house, samar thinks so raj is using me for new house, leela say sir i will leave now, samar says raj tonight just watch out for me, u will have to repay for this blackmailing
Koyal slipping asleep bit by bit as a result of sleeping pills, she tries tricky not to slumber,raj n maddy studying collectively, raj states I’m not able To achieve this n u have researched The full syllabus, maddy suggests for that u shd examine whole year n what are u carrying out, raj suggests cheats, maddy says u will cheat to receive koyal, raj states no maddy I’ll work hard for my family koyal n u, n belief me i wont break ur have confidence in, but maddy just explain to me if I had been actually cheating what would u do, maddy claims i would hold ur solution, raj says enough now lets research, but a bit crack occur allows satisfy koyal, maddy claims no sit listen to but u could make a phone, raj says excellent i will call, koyal doesn’t obtain get in touch with, raj states ample i will go n meet her
Raj goes to koyals residence, paru n gosh consider to halt raj but he goes to koyal n viewing her asleep he attempts each strategy to wake her up, paru thinks as a consequence of raj I’ve To do that to koyal but its for u koyal to remove this worthless raj.
Raj phone calls paru n gosh n claims see koyal, raj picks koyal n states I’m getting her healthcare facility she is unconscious, raj usually takes koyal in her arms n rushes to clinic n sees group of folks having ravan for ravan dahan n remembers maddys phrases that we shdnt see ravan ahead of dahan, n hides her confront but he sees ravan
Maddy reaches hospital n asks raj how is koyal, raj says health care provider is examining her, paru states to gosh i hope she is ok, physician arrives out n suggests koyal is ok now we found out she were provided 8 sleeping tablets, paru n gosh are stunned to understand abt eight tablets, maddy claims why will she eat tablets, paru states why will my daughter do this, physician says could possibly be my slip-up, see two or three tablets are ample for sleeping but eight can be hazardous, maddy says I’ll go satisfy koyal n raj leaves with medical professional, paru suggests how did eight tablets i set 4, gosh says even i put four, paru suggests excellent we put our daughters lifetime in danger oh god, raj hears this n states what

Precap: raj says i will do anything to pass my koyal in exams raj in college trying to break cabins lock, samar sees him n says now i will teach him a lesson

Written Update By Tanaya