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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 2nd October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with, raj at maddys house, maddy wakes up early to study, he goes through his to do list, leela comes with coffee n says raj here any ways get ready now, n looks at maddy n says i am so happy to see that u helping ur friends fulfil their dreams n koyal i am so happy for her n soon she will go Mumbai, maddy says amma she will go i have to spend time with her bye i will go meet her.
Koyals brother shifts in her room, koyal says i am still here, he says ma n baba are coming with u n i will stay here with tani di, koyal says i am going nowhere get out, koyal says if this is what baba is doing in house what he must be doing in factory.
Gosh babu all dressed up in suit goes to factory, and gives resignation letter to leela n says i am going Mumbai, leela says have u gone mad, gosh says no n leaves. Maddy n koyal go to dam, koyal asks why did u get me here, maddy says here is pepper spray for protection, this pen drive has all our photographs, u will never miss us, koyal says why will i miss u, maddy says u will not miss me, koyal says off course not i will make new friends there, maddy feels bad, koyal says my cutie pie i will miss u a lot, n abt these things u know i learnt martial arts n abt pictures i have u in my heart, n i am not going Mumbai, maddy says koyal don’t miss this chance, koyal says maddy but this is not my dream, my dream is to fall in love n be with my love whole life, maddy says i hope u aren’t doing this bcoz of raj, koyal says no maddy lets go.
Ma selling her sarees in return of utensils, raj comes there n says good morning paru, ma says good morning, today i am in good mood bcoz i am going Mumbai, raj says wow when, ma says with koyal we are going Mumbai n remember she got role n not u, raj says koyal n acting i am very sure she will fail, ma says raj enough, raj says just look at her face i feel so bad for her, koyal comes from behind n says enough raj shutup, raj says cmon koyal get real u have no talent n no chance in bollywood, koyal says raj plz , raj says that director must be drunk so must have said so n uncle look at urself n tell me do u ever think koyal can be actress, gosh says yes, koyal says raj enough i don’t say anything doesn’t mean that i don’t feel bad n don’t u forget that i always have practised lines with u n so i can handle everything n now i will go Mumbai n leaves, maddy looks at raj, raj walks away.
Leela mam tells kapoor to talk to gosh abt resignation,kapoor sees his wife rosy in factory with food, he says oh rosy thanku so much n opens the tiffin n sees all raj fav dishes n says missing raj. Rosy say no not at all plz ask raj to take away all his belongings n get real.
Koyal says baba i am going Mumbai today itself thats it n leaves, gosh says what to do now, koyal comes back n says baba, gosh says koyal ticket counter must be closed now, koyal says baba i will manage, maddy comes n says koyal see i got laptop but why do u want it, koyal says book a ticket for me i am going today itself, maddy says done, koyal says good now tell me how much did it cost, maddy says first give me ur autograph u will go Mumbai n be a big star when will i get this opportunity, koyal says maddy u are so sweet always u motivate me but look at raj
Rajs sister, scolds him on gifting cheap mobile, raj says shutup, she says bhai how could u do this to koyal u very well know she loves u, n u insulted her today, raj says i did this to motivate her, she asks what, raj says u will never understand this, n here is cd for ma give her.

Koyal packing her stuff, tani di goes to her n provides koyal her fav earings, koyal says thanku di, tani will help koyal packing n claims koyal don’t go Mumbai bcoz u are indignant, don’t generally Allow raj impact u, this is incredibly poor koyal, look at urself, koyal says no di, maddy knocks, tani claims are available in, tani leaves, maddy asks might i assist u, koyal suggests Of course enable me chain this bag, n holds maddys hand n climbs on bag n the two near the bag, maddy keeps investigating koyal,koyal suggests maddy cmon aid, maddy says koyal i needed to say, koyal claims Sure say.
Maddy claims koyal, koyal receives a get in touch with, koyal states one particular moment, koyal sees contact from raj, raj claims what are u accomplishing, koyal states i am with maddy we are discussing something imp, raj says I’m not fascinated notify me what u like mango or chocolate, koyal smiles n claims mango, raj suggests fantastic revti will like it also, koyal feels lousy n hangs the call, maddy asks oh raj finding u mango fudge, koyal claims no he was requesting revti, how unfortunate she’s she must be with raj, boring raj, i like ur enterprise u are the ideal maddy.
Precap: raj claims koyal plz don’t go such as this I’m not liking, koyal stops turns n blushes.

Written Update By Sahir