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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 27th October 2015 Written Update

Raj goes to meet his sir n asks him for help, sir says raj its so late what are u doing here so late, raj says sir i need help please give me my admission money back n gets aggressive , sir says raj are u mad n dare u make a scene here n let me call police, koyal steps in n says raj stop it n sorry sir, raj says koyal i need money, i need to pay u back n do something for papa, koyal says raj come with me n takes him along with her, raj says koyal try understand i need money back, koyal says raj calm down sit , u are spoiling everything, raj sits n is in tears, koyal looks at him n hugs him, raj says sorry koyal, u have done so much for me n i love u too but what u have done for me cant be described in words, i respect u a lot koyal n very sorry i doubted u n i know i don’t deserve u, koyal says raj enough, i am here just because of u, u are mine, u are my life, raj says cmon koyal i am not meant for love, n don’t deserve u, koyal says no raj, i didn’t tell u because i knew u would react this way, i knew u will go through this pain n so i took this step for u, n u are my family raj n u are mine n we are one don’t thank me, raj says koyal u are right love has no brains, koyal says so always think by heart, raj says why are u so special koyal, koyal says because u are special.
Koyal n raj walk together. Amrish sitting alone, sanju gets water for him, rosy sees amrish is in pain, sanju says papa don’t feel bad please, amrish says enough i worked so hard for factory, for the first time rosy i didn’t ask u abt taking a step n spoilt everything, rosy says enough don’t blame urself, amrish says because of my stupidity my children have to face insult, sanju says no papa u did this for us, amrish says venkat n leela mam always stood for me n i broke their trust , n now how will i manage everything where will i get job, maddy comes n says uncle all will be fine n hugs him n says uncle i spoke to amma she said she will talk to samar sir n workers union is with u n amma will talk to sir n he will agree, amrish says maddy thanku, sanju says see papa all will be fine, maddy says see look sanju is so understanding n u all rest now all will be fine by tomorrow, amrish says maddy because of u my strength n faith is back thanku.
Sanju gets a message to meet urgently n leaves, rosy says maddy please convey leela that i am very thankful, maddy says please aunty, sanju goes out n sees shobu n asks why did u call, shobu says i know u are tensed, sanju says maddy bhai is here n he is taking care, shobu says oh when maddy is here all will be fine he isn’t like raj but forget all that i got u a gift, sanju says oh what is it, sanju says oh smartphone thanku but how will i, its very expensive, shobu says i am ur friend take it , i did so many things to get it, sanju says what did u do, n where did u manage money, shobu says forget all that take it, sanju says but shobu, shobu holds sanjus hand n says cmon sanju.
Raj n koyal see shobu n sanju together, raj gets angry n says u bastard leave her hand n starts hitting shobu n says i warned u to stay away from sanju, maddy amrish try to stop raj but he doesn’t listen, raj says i will kill u shobu, shobu says raj u loser because of u all are in trouble look ur dad lost job, raj says u i will kill u, koyal says enough raj, he was just talking to sanju, raj says shutup koyal ur brother is bastard, maddy says uncle take raj in he is making a scene n disturbing neighbours ,sanju says raj bhai u are taking us wrong, raj says shutup sanju, rosy says raj shutup go in, all go in, koyal says to maddy , rajs anger if he doesn’t get control over it he is gonna be in big problem someday.
Koyal slowly sneaks in her house, paru switches on the lights n walk to koyal in anger n says so lying to ur mother now for raj, koyal says ma please listen, paru says koyal u lied n instead of concentrating on studies u were in pandal n this is how u are cheating ur baba n don’t forget u asked ur baba to trust u but u lied n don’t forget that u can marry only when u score good n raj he is useless because of him amrish is in trouble n listen koyal if u destroy ur career for that useless raj i will keep u home but not let him marry u. Koyal says ma amrish uncle is like a dad for me n raj would do same things for me if i was in trouble,paru says oh really, what would raj do, n did u ever think what hardship ur dad is going through but instead of helping him u n koyal raj earns nothing n what will u do earn for him, koyal says ma i trust raj n u don’t worry i will manage with raj, paru slaps her n says this for ur wrong judgement n one day when u will face the reality that raj is useless then u will know who u are n what ur baba has done for u, koyal says what does that mean, paru walks away.

Precap: raj says koyal now i will work hard too n till i achieve success please be with me n take care of everyone, koyal smiles n nods yes.

Written Update By Tanaya