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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 25th November 2015 Written Update

The episode begins with, raj says Koyal all will be fine, lights go off, paru says oh god,raj says Koyal don’t worry n puts on a candle in lamp n says I am so duffer, u looking so beautiful n I am ok come with me n holds koyals hand n says I always want u to be happy Koyal, n says Koyal first phera n first promise I will always keep u happy n takes pheras around lamp, second promise will always look after her, third promise we will always be together n never separate, inside the Hall waiters Dash into each other due to no light, paru n gosh get scared, samars mom says I will go check Samar n leaves him alone.

Raj says Koyal I will love u till my last breathe, raj starts feeling giddy, raj says Koyal next promise we will n faints, raj says Koyal what is happening , Koyal holds him but raj falls, Koyal says calm down raj, raj says Koyal we have to complete pheres, Koyal says raj we can’t n raj faints n goes unconscious, Koyal added sleeping pills in Rajs water n says sorry raj I cheated u n our love story it will never have happy ending n I am going away to start a new life n u have no place there, lights come back.

Koyal looks at raj n writes a note that this my decision I don’t know it’s right n wrong but it’s for my ma n baba n please go away from here n start a new life n don’t return to me please n keeps the note near raj n leaves n says this is our end forget that u ever loved a Koyal who was mad for u but not anymore raj n remembers time spent her happy moments with raj…….

Koyal abt to leave her dupatta is stuck in Rajs button , she takes it off, hides the gun n leaves, raj keeps calling Koyal in sleep. Koyal says Koyal it’s time to walk into life u never dreamt off n now Koyal will never dream, paru says look Koyal is here, n see my daughter is glowing in happiness, Koyal thinks ma is so happy n this is for u ma, paru says my dear daughter u looking so pretty, if Shobu was here he would have carried u in his arms to mandap n he will be very happy to know u are marrying right person, Koyal says ma u are happy Shobu will be happy too.

Koyal n samars wedding rituals start taking place, Koyal has her n Rajs pheres going in her mind, bride n groom exchange garlands, raj wakes up n tries to look for Koyal, Samar n koyals wedding Pooja starts according to Bengali tradition, raj reads koyals note asking him to never return to her n start his own new life, raj walks to window m sees koyals wedding rituals going on, he tries to call Koyal n says no Koyal don’t do this please.

Raj starts feeling giddy again, he cries in pain n says wakeup raj, raj is very restless, raj says Koyal don’t leave me n go, Koyal looks at fire n says this is the end of our love raj, u are free raj go away raj, she looks up n sees raj in window.koyal takes pheres with Samar n raj cries I. Pain looking at Koyal.

Precap : paru says Samar the rituals are over u can now show ur face n take off the sehera, Samar takes it off n everyone gets shocked to see its not Samar but maddy.

Written Update By Tanaya