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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 24th October 2015 Written Update

Tere Mere Darmiyaan watch online

Raj looks at tani n samar n says what are u looking at n are u my friends or enemy tell me, raj starts feeling giddy n faints, tani tries to go to him but samar stops her n says tani are u mad don’t go to him, he is drunk lets go n takes her forcefully away from there n says if someone sees us together it will be a big issue.
Leela tells venkat that she is worried abt maddy n says he didn’t come home last night, first he was with raj n now missing, maddy comes home, leela asks where were u, maddy says koyal was unwell so i was with her, leela says maddy koyal has her family with her n u shd concentrate on studies, venkat says yes maddy i have arranged a 2 days class out of Jamshedpur n u have to go there, maddy says but appa raj, venkat says no reasons u have to go.
Tani asks koyal how is she n gets shocked to see raj, koyal sees raj, raj says tani di what u thought i will understand anything, don’t forget i am very smart, tell me tani di, u were the one who always shared everything with me but even u are behaving like this n since i am gonna marry koyal i have right to stop koyal, tani thinks thank god raj is talking abt koyal n remembers nothing, koyal says raj u have right to stop me but i have some commitments i will be fine n leaves, tani says raj, raj says i know tani di koyal was unwell since last night but i was drunk so didn’t wake up, tani thinks i have to act that i don’t know he is drunk n says raj this is not done, u are going to marry koyal n she is working very hard to study n u shd stop all this or else baba will cancel ur engagement, raj says i don’t know tani di why is koyal running away from me, tani says forget all that concentrate on studies.
Tani calls samar n says raj remembers nothing abt last night , samar says good n sees a note on table reading that i know everything abt u n tani n if u don’t pay 50000 i will reveal ur secret, samar says tani u think raj doesn’t know anything but he has given me a blackmail note, tani says raj cant do this, samar says i don’t trust raj at all, shobu sees tani talking n says to himself tani di sorry raj didn’t do this but i did actually last night i heard samar sir talking to some other girl n fooling u, n i will not let him do this u tani di but before i bring his truth out i will use samar sirs money to impress sanju n so shobu keeps the note on samars table.
Koyal goes to samar n requests him to pay the pandal contract money before 5, samar says i will talk to manager n koyal leaves, samar says raj u are blackmailing me n ur dad has my money with him now see what i do. Koyal goes to amrish n says uncle relax, i spoke to samar sir n he will give the contract money before 5 n then u give it to leela aunty, amrish says thanks koyal, i wouldn’t have used the money if it wasn’t raj but u saved me, u proved by helping me that u love raj a lot n u will take care of him, koyal says cmon uncle don’t thank n i will leave now n goes.
Samar says raj u n ur father cant fool me n i will show what samar is n keeps money in the basket n leaves, shobu goes there n takes the money, n says i will use this money for sanju n abt tani di i will make sure samar goes away from her.
Koyal working at pandal n says last day raj n then we will be fine again, koyal checks time n sees its five but no money yet, manager gives koyal cheque, koyal sees money is less, koyal says why less amount i have worked very hard, manager says u made a days Prasad late, koyal says sir but, manager says koyal if u have any problem go talk to samar sir tomorrow, koyal says ok n leaves in hurry for bank to get money.
Samar goes to factory, leela says samar sir u here,samar says i will tell u why let the shift finish. Koyal gets money from bank, n she is worried abt how will she manage the remaining amount. Samar says to workers that this time company wouldn’t be able to give the bonus but because of leelaji n amrishji it will be possible to give bonus n it s from company welfare fund n so to share this happiness ur families will join us too soon for the bonus, amrish thinks oh god koyal isn’t here how will i give money.
Samar thinks amrish n his son are fooling me for money n now i will insult amrish in front of whole factory as i heard koyal talking to amrish abt the money n so i gave her less amount. Samar says amrish ji please get the money, amrish says sir i have sent someone to get money, samar says ok, amrsih calls koyal, koyal says amrish uncle we are short of 40000, amrish gets shocked, samar smiles seeing him n says raj took 50000 from me n i have cut money from koyals cheque so how will u manage the amount.

Precap: samar insults amirsh in front of whole factory, koyal comes with maddy from behind n says enough stop all this.

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