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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 22nd December 2015 Written Update

Koyal busy with wedding arrangements, Leela busy with food arrangements, Vidya says Koyal I liked these arrangements, I know Samar n tani had a past, Koyal says akka it’s fine, It was a past so let it be here n Samar loves u now n I hope tani finds right man too n leaves.

Mehndi ceremony begins, maddy says Koyal u looking very beautiful, n one favour go check tani do she must be feeling awkward, Koyal says she isn’t home n I will manage when she will be back, Leela says Samar is out Koyal u have to welcome him, paru feels bad.

Koyal welcoming Samar, Raj stands by him n walks with Samar inside home, maddy welcomes them, Vidya asks Samar what is Raj doing with u, Samar says Raj had taken over all my business but now he has offered one n so I have to be with him, Leela asks everyone to dance n enjoy the function. Leela Koyal maddy surya dance, Raj sees Koyal n maddy holding each others hands n dancing very close to each other n feels bad n angry.

Koyal gives her hand for Mehndi n asks to write her husbands name Madhavan n looks at Raj, later Raj walks to Koyal n says why are u acting I know all this is lie n it doesn’t matter to me, Koyal says good for u but we do it for us not for u n leaves. Maddy hears this.

Koyal says maddy look at my Mehndi, maddy is deeply thinking, Koyal asks what’s wrong, maddy says Koyal actually I felt something today n u know we are friends close friends n we are comfortable with each other n we don’t have to take any uncomfortable steps just to show any one else, Koyal says maddy I get what u say, maddy says Koyal I am sorry if I crossed lines while dancing, Koyal says maddy it wasn’t to show any one it just happened and I, I think I want to take this relation a step ahead n Koyal walks away, maddy smiles.

Raj says baba we have to arrange a bachelor party for Samar, Rudra says we sent Him out of this house nude then why this,Raj says baba in party maddy will be our target n will trap him such a way that he wouldn’t recognise himself, n since its Samar party maddy has to come n I will make sure he gets drunk n this is punishment for getting close to Koyal.

Next day maddy is rejects a job offer, Koyal says what are u doing this, maddy says Koyal u are forgetting something, Koyal says maddy what tell me, maddy says Koyal I will not leave u alone at Rajs office n we had decided to fight together n when we know what Raj is upto how can I leave u alone n when we are together we can fight against anything, Koyal says thanks maddy n hugs him,Vidya hears this n says God this maddy left a good opportunity because of this Koyal.

Samar at Rajs area, Rudra asks what are u thinking, attempting to get ur matters again, I mean u may get these again, Samar suggests how sir, Rudra suggests we’re thinking of providing u a chance to be a spouse, Samar claims that’s pretty form of u sir, Rudra states Alright so currently on wards u will perform with us n to rejoice lets held a bachelor celebration for u, listed here In this particular household for u n ur pals, Samar says cool sir, Rudra says to himself he is so silly, Samar leaves.

Tani sees Samar going for walks absent, Raj asks tani di u listed here, Rudra claims Raj she is The brand new nanny, tani claims Raj another thing, are u our old Raj, the just one who had heart, Raj suggests di u saw what I went by way of, what experienced I done but now I’m rich, tani claims Raj but Samar he is, Raj states u are nanny behave like one n leaves.

Maddy states samars bachelor social gathering in arms home, Koyal looks at invitation n states Raj has taken about samars enterprise but what now That is guaranteed Rajs some new strategy, maddy plz don’t go, maddy claims loosen up, Vidya claims Koyal what’s ur trouble, Samar has invited maddy, n all challenges are on account of u Koyal n maddy end being her husband n Believe abt other people far too n leaves, maddy claims Koyal chill out I will take care of n u know I never ever operate absent, I will get ready n go.

Koyal thinks God plz make sure this is not Rajs plan.

Precap: drunk Samar says year back Raj new my secrets n blackmailed me for money but today I know Rajs secret. Rudra hears this n maddy is present there too.

Written Update By Tanaya