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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 21st October 2015 Written Update

Tere Mere Darmiyaan watch online

Raj sees books n says what i have to study them all, maddy says yes raj u have to work very hard, don’t forget u have to pass with first division, raj says ok.
Koyal busy in factory pooja food preparation, worker says people have started coming, we have to be quick. Maddy says raj cmon concentrate; raj says what yar maddy, maddy says raj u have to do this for koyal cmon study, maddy n raj study together. Koyal is being informed that afternoon task is done n now she has to start with the evening preparations, koyal says ok n starts working on it.
A worker says koyal di u have done this so nicely, i am sure u are doing this for ur loved ones, koyal says yes after all its my family so. Raj says man this is so difficult, maddy says yes its not easy, u have to work hard but now lets take a break come we will go to durga pooja, u will freshen up, raj says u are right, but koyal will be there n she will bug me with questions, maddy says she wont, seeing ur face she will get to know u have worked very hard.
Maddy n raj reach durga pooja, raj trying to look for koyal, raj is very sleepy due to studying whole night, leela sees raj n maddy together n says venkat look at raj, sleeping during pooja,venkat says so true god knows why maddy stays with him, maddy says raj what if u get to know questions, raj says wow coming on my track, maddy says no raj, we will research on old papers n study those questions,raj says but what if this idea fails, maddy says we have to take this risk raj.koyal comes to pooja, the head scolds koyal for not completing order on time, koyal leaves saying she will take care of it, maddy says to head u shd be little calm with the new caterer she is new after all, maddy says come raj lets go see who the new caterer is.

Koyal fast paced with preparations, maddy n raj get to the kitchen spot n asks a man that is ur incharge, The person factors at koyal, koyal is facing again to them, they stroll to koyal n say madam u have finished a good job continue to keep it up, koyal realises its maddy n raj n hides her deal with, maddy suggests madam thanku for assisting factory, koyal cuts her finger, raj claims can be she is occupied lets go.
Koyal sees her finger bleeding, maddy rushes to her n suggests very initially allow me to put a bandage, n Exactly what are u doing in this article, koyal says i cant tell u, maddy claims Okay don’t, but u did this all by yourself, koyal states Certainly, maddy claims so This really is so vital that u didn’t even review, koyal states Indeed, maddy claims appear i might help u, anyhow u have harm ur finger,inform me, koyal states u are extremely sweet maddy, maddy suggests i know amma claims this much too.
Raj reaches house n is lacking koyal, n may be very exhausted, he looks at his guides n states koyal I’ll examine tough for u n begins finding out, raj thinks of how koyal behaved last evening, sanju sees raj lost n asks what are u executing focus, raj says plz yar, cease offering lectures, sanju claims bahi u should focus, raj says don’t worry sir maddy has offered me excellent ideas n let me explain to u he experiments a lot which koyal is annoying me, sanju states why will she irritate u, she loves u, raj claims she’s, u know koyal usually followed me but i generally held distance but now we’ve been alongside one another n she hasn’t observed me or simply texted to me since yesterday, paru comes panicked n talk to wherever is koyal, raj claims paru tranquil down i haven’t witnessed her since yesterday, paru suggests don’t act I realize u introduced her right here, paru receives a phone from shobu indicating koyal is house, raj hearing this rushes to koyals dwelling.
Raj reaches koyals property n asks wherever were u because morning, paru arrives n claims koyal go in at this time, raj claims dare u go away very first remedy me, in which have been u, its 12.30, koyal suggests not a major deal i was learning so obtained late, raj suggests u have any perception u arrived all by itself this late u shd have named me, paru walks to gosh n says talk to raj, see how is raj speaking with koyal, gosh claims i wont He’ll deliver me clinic, koyal suggests raj plz i wasn’t on your own n why are u shouting just because we’re acquiring married, raj claims no for the reason that I like u.

Precap:its raining greatly, maddy n koyal hoping hard to save lots of the preparation stuff.

Written Update By Sahir