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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 1st December 2015 Written Update

The episode begins with, maddy tells everyone there’s invitation for inauguration, paru says good u two shd go there, Leela says yes it’s good for contacts, Koyal says maddy I won’t go without u, maddy says okay. Maddy asks Koyal is she ready n is standing out of room, paru says stop feeling shy go in help her, maddy goes in closes the door n stands near the door n starts praising Koyal, paru hears these words n gets happy, maddy sees Koyal is struggling with saree, he says let me help u and walks to Koyal n closes his eyes n helps her.

Koyal looks at maddy n smiles n says I am done thanku, maddy says why thanku, Koyal says u deserve it n u are the greatest friend I will ever have n thanku for not making me uncomfortable n keeping everyone happy, maddy says this all for our parents n anything for u, and shall we leave, Koyal says yes one minute.

Tani Koyal n maddy reach function, maddy says wow it’s so lavish, who it may be, people around also discussing abt who is must be so rich, security doesn’t allow anyone In except Koyal n insults them calling middle class, an agent comes n says mam I am sorry on his behalf u have special invitation u come along with me n takes everyone in, Koyal says this is so strange, maddy says true lets see who it is, maddy asks a waiter whose party it is, he says awara, all gets confused, Maddys sister says oh yes he is very big industrialist n people die to meet him n so this party is full of film stars, tani says its so exiting just like a film , remember raj Kapoor film named awara, Koyal thinks of raj on this, tani n Maddys sister start guessing who awara must be.

Tani n Maddys sister ask who is awara, a musician says he is not that easy to find, maddy says what is this why is he hiding let me go washroom n leaves, maddy asks a man where is washroom n he facing backwards signs the direction, maddy goes there n sees nothing n all dark, maddy sees dogs behind him n rushes to save himself,security stops dogs n saves maddy n asks what are u doing here, maddy says I lost my way, security says its private residence please be careful, maddy reads a note on wall u could see easily in dark n this reminds him off raj, security ask maddy to leave, maddy gets confused n leaves.

The man who showed direction sees maddy walking away n has a drink. Maddy goes inside party n asks for water, Koyal looks at him all scared n disturbed, maddy says I went for washroom n when I went by direction dogs started chasing me , guards saved me n then on walls it was written u can see very well in dark, Koyal says maddy relax someone must have written it it’s fine n wipes sweat over Maddys face, the man sees Koyal n maddy together n breaks the glass in his hand, lights go off n everyone looks at stairs, lights focus on a man, it’s the same person who was with raj in jail.

He welcomes all n says I know u all are looking for awara n many here are to have a glance of him, some for free drinks n some for pg3 news but u all are very famous people, maddy whispers to Koyal we aren’t famous why are we here, Koyal says aren’t u human, Rajs friend says some aren’t famous but still are here they must be feeling out of world but are very close n must have had a glance of past life, anyways I am here to announce success of my son well he is more than a son to me so please welcome awara, waiter tells him sir doesn’t want to see anyone, Rajs friend says sorry he doesn’t wish to meet anyone as he believes in the philosophy “dil key pass Dimag nahi Hota”

Precap: a security guard asks Koyal maddy tani n Maddys sister to please follow him, maddy asks but where are u taking us….?

Written Update By Tanaya