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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 19th October 2015 Written Update

Raj acts as if sick, paru says he is acting don’t believe him i added nothing in sweets, raj says oh my paru, i know u love me n my stomach is full now, gosh says no u cant stop u have to eat till we feed u, eat eat, raj is full eating lot of sweets, raj says enough i have to be an actor , gosh says u are our hero, bell rings tani says i will check n sees its samar, gosh n paru welcome him n make him comfortable, samar says i was passing bye n thought every year u invite me for durga pooja but i cant make it n so this time i decided i will make it, samar says i love Bengali food, paru says tani made today food,samar says tani u cook really very good, raj says good u came now u eat all this samar sir, paru says no raj have sweets, samar says tani plz show me those files, tani says sure, gosh says yes go, samar asks maddy where is leela, maddy says she is busy with factory function arrangements, samar says she always takes care of these things come tani lets go, both leave.
Paru n gosh give raj gifts, raj opens them, raj looks at it n says wow pparu what a choice, koyal doesn’t like it. Samar says see tani i made it, n i heard u people give gifts to son in law during this function, tani says yes but i have a gift for u, samar sees its a pen n says its really nice i shd leave now, tani says bye n leaves.
Raj n koyal come out, raj says god it was fun, n this gift i love it, koyal says raj its ok if u didn’t like it, raj says i loved it, i will look complete Bengali in it, raj talking, his dhoti comes off n he runs away, koyal starts laughing.
Koyal n raj reach factory durga pooja, koyal says hi to leela n venkat but they ignore her, rosy tries to talk to leela she ignores them too, shobu says see tani di, bcoz of raj n koyal all big people are fighting, samar reaches pooja, he looks at tani n smiles. Durga pooja begins, koyal n raj are very happy together.
After pooja, traditional Bengali dance begins, sanju n shobu dance together, raj takes koyal with him to dance, maddy smiles looking at them but leela feels bad, paru looks at maddy n asks him to join raj n koyal, koyal comes n takes maddy along with her to dance, raj koyal n maddy dance together, koyal gets tired n comes to side along with maddy, raj keeps dancing, raj abt to step on burning coal, koyal abt to stop him, maddy picks the coal, koyal says maddy are u fine, maddy says yes i am, raj calls koyal to dance she says i am tired let me have water n leaves.
Rosy gets plate for paru n says paru u are being to formal, paru says we have to after all raj will be our son in law now, rosy says ok as u wish n leaves, paru says to gosh rosy instead of giving return gifts see how she was behaving, koyal hears this n says i will talk to raj abt it.

Leela n samar talking about organization, shobu sees tanis favourite pen with samar n will get stunned. Leela tells amrish to provide the a refund n claims senior employs wont get reward n only personnel will get, amrish says Indeed i will get money, leela leaves, amrish get tensed, koyal sees amrish tensed n going for walks absent.
Maddy n raj with each other, maddy claims koyal danced so superior, raj states its rajs really like influence, koyal will come n states raj i need income n usually takes all his dollars n suggests oh i cant make During this A great deal i will use my preserving, koyal goes to jeweller n says dada i am right here to buy a present for my ma, amrish at similar retailer advertising jewellery n inquiring jeweller to raise fees, koyal sees amrish n walks to him n sees him preventing for dollars n hears amrish saying This is often the many gold my spouse has plz tell good fees, amrish sees koyal.
Amrish walks off the store, koyal follows him n stops him n claims uncle are u good, is there any challenge, amrish says i am great koyal, koyal states uncle u mentioned I’m part of ur family members now, plz tell, amrish states koyal u wont convey to abt this to any person, essentially business funds are kept with me n when raj was really frustrated n broken following the occasion scene, he questioned income to join performing college n i couldn’t say no to him n now business needs fund again in five times, i really have to do anything,or else corporation will Assume I’m a fraud,koyal asks whats the quantity, amrish claims close to 2 lakhs.
Precap: koyal says leela aunty plz give me this catering agreement, these people today get 3 lakhs i will do it in two lakhs, leela states why are u falling into this n leaves.

Written Update By Sahir