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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 16th October 2015 Written Update

Raj n koyal see maddy, maddy looks at them,koyal leaves rajs hand, raj says maddy, maddy says no explanation plz i am very fine n i have a surprise for u guys, here are koyals sketch, raj says i will keep them but i am very angry u didn’t ever tell me abt liking koyal, koyal says maddy i am, maddy says forget all that tell me when will be ur marriage n plz keep it Punjabi style n koyal will be all urs raj except one thing, raj says what, maddy says i will do koyals homework, raj says u do mine too n come lets go in n have fun.
Gosh n paru see leela n go to her,leela ignores them n leaves, maddy looks at koyal she rushes to raj, raj says see how i dance now my love, koyal says raj u still didn’t say me those words, raj says which words, koyal says i love u, raj says oh u can say u love me no worries, leela sees raj n koyal together, paru goes to her n says hi, leela says paru u didn’t do this right, u were the one who came for maddy n now see what happened n leaves, gosh says paru i hope my job doesn’t go, paru says u accepted raj now bear its expenses, amrish n rosy take paru n gosh to dance. Sanju n shobu dancing, shobu says now we will be relatives , ur brother my sister, n let me tell u in these two days we have become such good friends n i love spending time with u.
Raj sees maddy n says where were u, this koyal is irritating me come dance with us, maddy says no yar, koyal says maddy we always danced together why not now, raj says come lets go dance garbha. Gosh tries to talk to venkat n leela but both ignore n leave, paru says good they insulted u, i so wanted maddy n koyal to get marry, gosh says paru what u want will happen just u always be with raj.
Paru n gosh go to raj, paru says son in law come lets dance, maddy is left with koyal, koyal sees gosh raj n paru together n gets happy, maddy says so good to see them together, koyal says u are right,paru n gosh hit raj while dancing. Koyal gets tired dancing, maddy looks at her, koyal says come lets sit there, maddy says wont u dance with me,koyal says why not come lets dance, koyal n maddy start dancing, leela sees maddy happy dancing with koyal.

Raj says ample paru dance thoroughly, but both gosh n paru keep hitting him, raj says enough now i will display them what raj is manufactured up off n starts dancing like fools, gosh falls down, raj leaves, paru will help gosh stand up. Revti pulls raj near her, raj suggests see, but revti asks him to generally be quite, paru suggests gosh see raj with that Woman go simply call koyal, gosh calls koyal n exhibits her, raj with revti.gosh states to himself now koyal will realise raj can be a mistake, raj pushes revti away n says enough i no extra like u n just one Woman has correct about raj n raj enjoys only her, revti claims wander away n leaves, koyal goes in tears observing raj, raj sees koyal n states koyal u could possibly be using it Incorrect, she was, koyal states rather, u won’t ever really need to say me, u enjoy me, what u instructed revti states all the things abt ur appreciate, koyal hugs raj.
Leela asks maddy are u good, maddy states Sure amma i am great, tani sees surya n ignores him, maddy goes to tani di n suggests sorry on behalf of anna, tani says don’t be maddy i realized somehow This could come about, maddy suggests so u are good, tani claims Sure I’m, maddy u know u shd have experimented with understanding what koyal actually wants, u appreciate koyal but she doesn’t but I do know u have to be in ache, n don’t really feel bad abt it, recover from it, maddy says i am fantastic di,tani claims fantastic.
Raj states koyal i searched every single where but in which is tani di, koyal claims u must have skipped some spots let me go lookup, raj claims where, koyal suggests washroom,tani di going for walks,koyal trying to go looking her, tani will get a message n somebody pulls her in, koyal tries to look her. Tani seems to be at that guy n walks to him n smiles n hugs him.
Precap: koyal suggests raj i will murder u if u go powering any Woman, raj states Let’s say ladies appear powering me, koyal says then i will get rid of u both, raj suggests then my appreciate u must commit large amount of murders.

Written Update By Sahir