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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 15th October 2015 Written Update

Raj asks koyal what are u doing here, amrish says koyal come in, koyal says raj what do u think of urself, who gave u right to keep urself away from me, sanju says he did so bcoz he thinks he doesn’t deserve u, raj says shutup sanju go in, n u koyal i don’t like u plz leave me alone, koyal says ok n holds his hand n takes him along with her to her house n says see ma he is raj i want to marry him n if he leaves me i will marry no one,i will stay alone but not with someone else, i love raj n i will marry just him n now ma u n raj can do anything u want, i love raj,paru says what nonsense are u talking, gosh babu says koyal u want to marry him does he earn anything, koyal says i know that but still i want to marry him, gosh says ok raj tell me do u want to marry koyal, raj says yes i will marry her, gosh says i know that, but soon koyal will regret her decision, bcoz it is real life n not a film but still koyal loves u , i allow u to marry her, raj do u promise to take koyals responsibility,will u be able to do this,raj says no i don’t promise but i will surely try my best, i love my koyal, i love her a lot,gosh says ok so done u will marry koyal, paru says no, gosh says enough paru its my decision now n after exams koyal will marry raj but on one condition u both will pass by good marks, koyal says thanku baba n i promise i will score good, raj says i promise too, gosh says ok done after exams u two will get married.
Paru goes behind gosh to ask him to change his decision, koyal n raj look at eachother, koyal hugs raj, tani di smiles n leaves. Paru says why are u doing this, gosh says paru u know koyal is very stubborn, she can even commit suicide n so we have to take every step very carefully n let koyal do as she wish n when time comes she will get to know that raj is her biggest mistake.
Leela sees maddy upset n asks him what is it, maddy hugs her n says god didn’t give me what i asked for, koyal doesn’t love me ma, leela thinks how did koyal say no, when paru had come by herself with wedding proposal, didn’t they ask koyal abt maddy.
Rosy asks koyal are u sure u want to marry raj n did u get this raj in whole world, raj says ma which mother does this to her son, rosy says see koyal it was my duty to warn u,koyal says i love him aunty, raj says oh ma its love, rosy says i think u two have completely decided to marry eachother n from today onwards u both will not go alone u will have someone with u n will always keep distance from eachother.
Venkat gets to know from amrish that raj n koyal have decided to marry n gets shocked, amrish says i am so lucky to have koyal in my house, gosh says venkat i was abt to tell u, venkat says i will see u guys later.

Venkat tells leela abt raj n koyal, leela claims how can koyal make this happen to maddy, i cant fully grasp let me talk to maddy. Maddy in toilet crying n wondering abt koyal, leela calls him,maddy washes his encounter n goes out, he may be very upset on koyals rejection, n abt The reality that koyal enjoys raj.
Maddy asks leela what is it, leela states I do know maddy u are in ache, cry ur pain out, maddy suggests amma it had been my fault i couldn’t have an understanding of my close friends coronary heart n when koyal n raj are pleased i am happy to, leela says go Chennai to meet ur nani, maddy claims amma These are gonna marry n i must be right here n who else can help paru aunty n amma what abt Workplace purpose we must go, leela states no i don’t really feel like, maddy claims amma we really need to go n god is aware of if i come across another person there, leela says will u have the ability to see them both together, maddy states Indeed amma.
Koyal considering a little something, raj originates from behind n pulls her around him, koyal suggests raj, raj touches her lips, n claims don’t implement lipstick u don’t want it, koyal suggests What exactly are u accomplishing, raj suggests u often preferred me to come near to u n now u want me to disappear,koyal says raj don’t kiss, raj claims i will kiss, koyal states raj not in advance of marriage ceremony, raj applies lipstick on koyals forehead n suggests see we obtained married, raj goes very close to koyal to kiss her n suggests no mood now, koyal states raj u will, raj says get ready we have to go play dandiya, koyal suggests no raj i cant occur, maddy will likely be there also n i cant encounter him, he mentioned he enjoys me, raj suggests no koyal u really have to go, u need to act usual n present him that u continue to are good friends, koyal says raj for an instance I could leave u although not maddy, raj states i understand that now prepare, we really have to go.
At manufacturing facility dandiya functionality, raj states wow koyal hunting so damn very hot, tani claims raj don’t neglect rosy aunty told u to keep length allow me to go notify her, raj pulls koyal n suggests Allow dance n they see maddy.

Precap: koyal says appear lets sit there, maddy says will u not dance with me.

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