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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 14th October 2015 Written Update, Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 14 Oct 2015 Telly Update, Written Episode 14th October 2015, Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 14th October 2015 Written Update Review, Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 14 Oct 2015 Written Story.
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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 14th October 2015 Written Update

Raj says how can i let koyal go through struggle, sanju says u love her so much but now she hates u, why did u do this, raj says enough sanju, no more lecture, go get me something to eat go.
Maddy abt to leave koyals house, paru asks how is koyal, maddy says she is fine, paru says maddy u broke engagement n now u care so much for her, maddy says aunty i didn’t say no, i just said i need time, paru says maddy i know koyal asked u to do so, but maddy koyal is very upset n broken now n she needs u, this is the right time to express ur love for her, she has lost trust on raj n she needs u maddy, maddy leaves. Gosh babu says paru now u shd talk to tani i guess, paru says tani is fine, n the truth is this is only half truth we both know what the real story is so, lets end this topic here, gosh says u are right paru this has to be between us.
Maddy thinking n says i have to propose koyal today, koyal thinking abt raj, she sees rajs fav burji n says everyday u came here near this window asking for food but now i don’t wish to see u ever, raj hiding behind tree n seeing koyal, koyal feels raj is there n tries to check but raj hides. Koyal starts crying, raj says i guess i will never get my fav burji now, n wipes his tears, sanju rushes to raj n hugs him, raj says u don’t get senti, n i am hungry now i will not have koyal, she will have her perfect man for her tasty burji, come lets go.
Maddy n leela go early morning to temple n maddy asks amma if i ask to god for something will he give me, leela says sure he will, maddy says ok amma bye. Sanju reaches temple to pray for raj n meets shobu n asks u so early here, shobu says today results so, sanju says ok n says oh my chappals, shobu says somebody must have robbed it u wear mine i will manage, sanju says thanks n both leave.

Koyal opens door n sees maddy, koyal says maddy its four u in this article, maddy claims see i acquired Prasad n u know i went temple with amma, koyal states oh what did u ask for, maddy states ur happiness, koyal claims Okay are available in, maddy says Sunlight is abt to rise allows go out, koyal suggests ma will scold, maddy suggests she wont come, koyal claims Okay n tell me why are u right here, maddy states i couldn’t see u crying previous night n then i thought full night time why is it which i constantly take care of u, n received my reply n it’s koyal I like u, i love u considering that childhood n i cant see u crying n when u smile i sense joyful, koyal initially i didn’t have an understanding of but now I realize its like n I like u by heart n head, I would like to offer u pleasure n always wish to be with u, i choose to marry u koyal, koyal states maddy i, maddy claims koyal i will guidance u in all the things, koyal suggests no maddy thats not the point, maddy essentially I like raj, maddy receives shock listening to this,koyal states maddy i never ever explained to bcoz raj never ever spoke abt it n was looking ahead to raj to consider starting point n u are my ally, maddy I like u but as a colleague, my total daily life is all over u, maddy suggests its high-quality, koyal states this is why i stated no, bcoz i don’t like u, maddy states koyal I believed however, if i knew abt u n raj I’d never ever are available in ur way, koyal suggests maddy i wasn’t clear so, i am sorry maddy, how could i tell u abt it, i always liked raj, but i never ever comprehended whom to tell to start with u or raj n maddy u are certainly awesome man u can get quite awesome Female, maddy claims i am good koyal, its ok, koyal states maddy u are my best friend n i always put u in problems n give u discomfort, i am sorry n leaves.
Koyal turns about n appears at maddy n goes within. Koyal goes inside of n sees paru, paru walks to her n states what have been u accomplishing, koyal suggests ma it had been maddy, paru claims i saw u mentioned no to maddy, i told maddy to propose u n i explained to raj to go away, but u however claimed no, i requested raj to hurt u n tani planned to exam her relation n so he did but u however adore him even immediately after he spoilt ur sisters engagement n u stated no to maddy.koyal walks to tani n suggests di u realized, tani states Certainly koyal i realized from starting n i asked raj for enable n he claimed by doing this my get the job done are going to be completed n also raj will go clear of u, sorry koyal, koyal remembers how she insulted raj before All people.koyal leaves, paru attempts to end her but koyal rushes to rajs dwelling, raj opens door n sees koyal at his doorway.
Precap: gosh babu asks raj will he marry koyal, raj suggests Certainly i will.

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