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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 14th November 2015 Written Update

The episode begins with, koyal rushes to rajs room n sees he is unconscious, police ask her to leave, koyal says sir please just a minute, police say who are u, are u his family, koyal says i am his friend, what happened why is he here, police say he fainted in jail, koyal says please give us a minute, police say ok we will wait out but just for a minute, koyal sits beside raj n says why did u do this raj, don’t u know i cant see u pain, but now raj i have to go, lot has happened between us n so i have to leave now,u killed my bro n i can never forgive u for this, koyal gets up n abt to leave turns back to raj , picks a bowl pour water in it n deeps a bandage roll in it n places over rajs forehead n sits beside him n holds his hand, koyal takes care of raj n makes sure he is well
raj starts getting conscious n sees koyal in tears beside him n says koyal if this is dream i never want to get up, i want u to be with me koyal n kisses koyals hand, raj is very week , koyal says raj i never imagined my life without u but now i cant imagine a life with u because hatred has mixed with my love n so i cant live with u, but i will have to raj, rosy sees koyal beside raj, koyal leaves rajs hand n goes out n sees rosy, koyal says aunty, rosy holds her hand n walks away n says koyal why, is this ur love, ur love for raj was ur pride but u left him when he needed u the most, n raj when he learnt that u lost trust over him, look what happened to him, tell me why are u here now when u have taken raj as shobus killer, then why are u here n stop all this acting, please leave us alone, if u cant be with him, leave him n go away so please spare him n spare us n never come back, because of u my raj see where he is, leave us all alone n go away, koyal says u are right aunty, no hope is left n leaves.
Raj remembers seeing koyal beside him as he is getting conscious n remembers koyal saying she hates him, raj calls koyals name n says koyal listen to me please don’t leave me alone, rosy says raj get up koyal isnt here, raj says no ma i saw koyal here, she was beside me, i felt her, rosy says raj please go to sleep, its very late why will koyal come here, raj starts crying n says ma koyal is going away, n gets sick,n says koyal hates me she went away, n falls asleep, rosy says to herself, yes raj koyal was here but left u n went away.
Amrik n rosy meet lawyer, lawyer says we will need time, amrik says but raj was hit so badly, lawyer says after all he is caught in murder case, rosy says but u said u never lost any case, lawyer says yes n we will win this too, amrik says take whatever u want but save my child, lawyer says amrik i need to talk to u, rosy leaves, lawyer asks amrik for money, amrik says yes u keep on with ur work i will manage money n leaves, amrik thinks from where will he manage money after all he has no help, lawyer gets a call n he says yes i will n says why this wealthy man needs my help.
Koyal missing raj n holds the chain raj gifted her n remembers all the ups n downs she spent with him n says koyal don’t miss him n love him, u have no future with him, u have to forget raj, u have to erase raj from ur heart koyal, tani comes to koyal n says koyal don’t wish anything, wishes are never fulfilled, koyal says i lost tani di, my love lost, tani says no koyal time changes everything, i wished i never loved that wrong person n he never loved me, love is so strange, we both loved n trusted our love n today we both lost it.tani says i lied to everyone but loved him, n now i cant see ma in trouble, n it will be good if i go to nanis place, this child is mine n i cant kill him, koyal says we all will love the baby even ma, even surya, tani says koyal we all know abt me n surya but i doubt what if surya doesn’t accept the child later, koyal says di that man left u n ur child but surya is ready to accept don’t be negative di, u were always my motivation don’t lose hope, tani says koyal we shd go to bed its too late n leaves, koyal says di even my love is going away n i don’t know whether raj killed shobu or he didn’t but ma thinks he killed shobu n so rajs koyal died with shobu n now i am all for my ma.

Precap: leela says my condition has a reason n i don’t care if anyone agrees to it or has a problem with it, this marriage will take place only if my condition is agreed. 

Written Update By Tanaya