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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 13th October 2015 Written Update

Tani says why didn’t anybody tell me, koyal says di, surya says liars, koyal says no jiju di knew nothing, surya abt to leave, leela stops him n says surya u wont leave, venkat says talk to tani, tani says surya i knew nothing, paru says yes surya, surya says u didn’t tell us, leela says enough surya it doesn’t matter whether paru gave tani birth or no, tani is her daughter, surya cmon exchange the rings, surya says amma may be u have no problem but i do, i know nothing abt tani, leela says surya when we are ready to accept her as it is why are u behaving like this, instead my respect for gosh babu n paru increased seeing that they have raised tani as her won, surya says sorry amma i cant marry tani, sorry n leaves.
Tani walks away. Koyal goes to raj n says why did u do this, who gave u right to do this, yesterday u were talking so much abt tani di but today, u broke tani di engagement, u are useless, i don’t even wish to see u, u are nothing for me, get lost, raj says yes going don’t show attitude, koyal says yes go away raj, raj says enough of this friendship thing n i am going,maddy says raj stop do u realise what have u done, raj says plz i need no more lecture i am going, maddy says enough raj u spoilt so many lives, look at koyal, how dare u u do this to koyal, raj says maddy leave me or else, koyal says maddy leave him n dare u touch raj, koyal says maddy why are u hitting him, he cares abt nothing, he was our friend, he isn’t our raj, he is some stranger n so why fight with him n waste our time, maddy i had two friends, but from now i have just one its u maddy, koyal holds maddys hand n takes him along with her.
Leela says surya i want to talk to u, u made me ashamed today, venkat says we didn’t accept this from u, surya says but amma they hide truth from us, leela says surya what did they lie, tani is their daughter n always will be, surya says amma i just did what i felt was right, leela says ok as u wish but tani will always be as she was to me god know what she must be going through.
Tani goes to raj n says thanku raj:
(past scene: raj takes sign from tani di on passport papers n says tani di i am the only one who will make ur passport, tani says but raj birth certificate, raj says i will manage, tani says raj i know i am adopted n i know this fact wont matter to any one of us bcoz u all love me a lot but i want to know what is suryas opinion on this matter).
Tani says thanku for what all u did, but koyal is very upset with u n i will go n tell her abt it, raj says no di, i will talk to koyal, tani hugs him n says thanku, paru hides n listens to all this conversation, tani leaves n paru enters, raj says oh paru come come, start scolding , i know i am rascal n all that go on paru, paru says raj i know u broke tanis engagement, tani wanted to test her relation and koyal will never talk to u n this way u gave koyal another chance to give a new start, i always took u wrong, u are truly koyals best friend, and abt surya u really helped tani n bcoz of u both my daughters are saved, thanks raj, thanku n leaves.

Raj suggests no worries, atleast an individual i helped.raj turns all around n sees sanju n states go snooze, sanju says why did u do this, n prevent hiding ur like to koyal this will damage u as well as koyal, but now u need to be satisfied that she hates u, raj says I do know, but she’s going to be fantastic in two days, but the truth is my koyal doesn’t ought to have me, I like her lots but I’m not the best male for her.
Koyal crying in front of maddy n claims he doesn’t treatment abt anyone, raj says sanju i love koyal a good deal but i purposely roam with women in front of koyal so that she forgets abt me n finds a guy who’s ideal for her, i don’t have anything with me, how will i manage her.
Maddy suggests koyal stop crying, koyal claims i always fought for raj, bear in mind how i scolded that director all for raj, but glimpse what he did, because childhood i did every thing for him, u know proper. Raj says i should go Mumbai battle for my goals n you will find hundreds like me, n I really like koyal so how will i take care of her, n see my koyal will get abundant n excellent guys for her n she’ll neglect me.
Maddy says see koyal initially stop crying, i cant see u crying, I’m sure raj is Incorrect n i will never forgive him for that, koyal hugs maddy n states why did he do this, paru sees this n claims thank god They are really finding close.
Raj claims u know proper our actor dad remaining us by itself n my father tough Performing dad took treatment of us n i cant see this occurring to koyal, so i cant marry koyal.
Precap: maddy states koyal i love every single point abt u, i need to marry u koyal.

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