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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 10th October 2015 Written Update

Paru reaches home, koyal says ma where were u come have some water, paru walks away, koyal follows her n says ma i know u are very upset but now shd think abt tani di now, paru ignores her, koyal says ma come have coffee atleast, paru goes in her room n closes the door, koyal says oh ma i am so sorry but i cant agree to this, tani comes n asks what is it why talking alone,koyal says ma is so upset, tani says yes koyal look at her mood, koyal says yes maddy said no so she is so upset, tani says what maddy denied, koyal says forget that lets speak abt u n jiju n do u know u are going Singapore for honeymoon, tani says what but i have no passport, koyal says no worries it will be done by time u go, but first i shd go to ma now.
Gosh babu sees paru very upset n says see paru sweets, come lets have it, cmon, paru ignores him, gosh says don’t worry all will be fine, paru says what to do abt this koyal, gosh says see paru maddy says not now it means he will say yes later, paru says n i will make sure that maddy says yes, gosh gets call from leela, leela asks for tanis passport,gosh says tani has no passport,leela says no worries send her documents like birth certificate,gosh says her birth certificate no worries we will manage, koyal hears this n says but tani dis birth certificate was in desk let me check it.
Koyal goes n tries to find birth certificate, she finds a file, n checks it, she sees a document n gets shocked n goes in tears. Raj busy in shooting his portfolio n flirting with photographer, koyal calls him n says raj i want to talk to u, raj says not now n cuts the call, koyal calls sanju to ask abt raj. Raj busy in his portfolio, koyal goes to the shoot, koyal sees raj with the girl,raj says what is this koyal stop following me, n why are u so upset tell me, that girl says raj throw this girl out few minutes back i was everything for u n now, raj gets angry n says don’t u dare shout on me, how dare u say to throw koyal out, to hell with ur camera come koyal.

Koyal commences crying, raj asks why are u crying inform me, koyal states ma baba tani n begins crying, raj understands absolutely nothing, raj states 1st stop crying n relaxed down, koyal claims what if when tani di gets to understand abt it, raj states koyal tani is ur sister no paper will ever declare that tani will not be ur sister, relations are by heart n not on paper, serene down koyal, see u know the most beneficial relation is by heart n how can tani be not ur sister, she is n generally be ur sister, ur relation is by coronary heart n thats what issues, koyal hugs raj n cries.
Koyal states relation by coronary heart like between u n me, why do i experience so Unique all over u, theres one thing involving us, raj pushes koyal away,koyal asks why raj why don’t u ever response me, why i often come to u After i recognize that u is going to be with Several other girl, why, why did u scold that Female when she insulted me, why, when i know anything, why do i, raj appears to be at koyal, koyal says why i continue to keep wondering abt u all day long all night time, i preserve hunting for u, why notify me raj, raj suggests u wont realize koyal, koyal suggests no raj plz tell me say a little something, raj claims koyal go dwelling, koyal feels poor n leaves.
Koyal goes out it begins raining, raj follows koyal, koyal leaves.
Venkat n leela active in engagement preparations, maddy says amma rest n delight in, leela states maddy u hunting quite handsome,leela claims maddy by saying no koyal has produced substantial slip-up, maddy suggests ma its not a no we just want some far more time n trust me she is going to marry me n u will tie our marriage ceremony knot.
Koyal incredibly upset, raj says what koyal enough of it, u are so Blessed to get tani di, koyal says i desired support for tani di passport, raj claims Certainly tell me, koyal suggests i don’t know why usually arrive at u, raj claims to me who else will u check out, koyal suggests why don’t u solution me then,raj states my everyday living is for u koyal, koyal says so Unusual raj u will reply all the things besides my problem, koyal claims anyways raj tani di wants passport but adoption thing, raj claims no panic whn raj is right here, I’ll get it done.
Precap: koyal suggests raj i questioned for help, raj doesn’t realise everyone is listening n claims so i acquired passport in every day n not one person even got to understand that our tani di is adopted.

Written Update By Sahir