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Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiya​a​n 1st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Tere Mere Darmiyaan watch online

Paru says to gosh how to deal with tani situation, Vidya comes n says so what are u upto n I know ur secret abt tanis child, paru says I beg of u plz don’t tell tani, she doesn’t know abt it, we did this for her betterment, plz Vidya I beg of u, plz understand a mothers pain,I did this for my tani,plz don’t tell her that her baby is alive, paru falls in vidyas feet, vidya thinks tani doesn’t know abt it how come , were Samar n tani really together is that child’s father Samar.

Koyal wakes up n sees flowers n a note happy bday Koyal, Koyal gets happy n says I knew maddy would never hurt me n maddy today Koyal will be all ready just for u, Koyal goes office n see lots of flowers n wishes on her desk n gets happy, peon hers her one more bouquet, Koyal finds note saying u have yo work a little for ur special gift, Koyal finds a gift n a note wear it right away, Koyal checks it’s a pendant n gets happy.

Maddy asks permission to get in, Koyal says enough maddy how much will u pull my leg, maddy sees flowers n says oh sorry I forgot its u bday, Koyal says maddy stop acting I know u gave this pendant n flowers, maddy laughs n says a clerk will gift manager a pendant I very well know Raj gave u, Koyal says what’s wrong with u, maddy says now everything is right n u stop acting all u care abt it Raj.

Samar thinking abt Shobu n says this wedding n Shobu thing together will make me mad, Samar calls servants n asks for drink, Shobu comes there n says u killed me, Samar gets scared n says no not u go away, don’t kill me, Shobu says not so easy Samar n if u want to save ur life tell everyone truth, Samar says plz forgive me, Neel while running away gets hurt n Samar sees his blood, Neel rushes to Rudra n says he is scared, Samar sees Neel with Rudra n gets confused.

Vidya checks reports n says oh god it’s really samars n tanis child n says I will do what gives me happiness, Samar says I have to find out what’s between them n follows them, he hears maddy Rudra n Neela plan n says oh so trying to get me with a look alike now see my game.

Koyal gives a sorry note to maddy, maddy reads it n tears it in front of Koyal n walks with his blanket, Koyal says maddy plz don’t leave, maddy says I don’t wish to see u I am sleeping out n leaves, maddy goes out n feels bad for treating Koyal so rude.

Vidya n whole family visit samars place, Samar says it’s our family ritual that envy one has to have lunch in same plates , I mean couples in same plate,maddy says I don’t wish to eat anymore I did this for ritual I am done n gets up n leaves, Raj looks at maddy in anger, Samar thinks bang on maddy is making my plan simpler.

Raj walks to maddy n says what right u have to treat her so bad, why are u making her feel so bad, Raj says stay away its our private thing, maddy thinks it’s good time I will create a scene her n Koyal will start hating me n shouts my wish I will treat her any way, Raj n maddy get into argument, everyone gather, venkat says maddy what behaviour is this, Samar says maddy calm down let’s end this on a good note n not fight n says wait n minute n goes to get sweets n adds something in sweets n says Raj spas threatened maddy that he will kill him n now all blame will be on Raj n walks to everyone with sweets, Samar says Rudra sir u tell them they won’t deny u.

Rudra walks to maddy later n asks maddy what’s wrong with u, maddy says sir this to make Koyal against me, sir forget that but how did our plan not work, Rudra says first calm down n see have these sweets Raj gave it, Rudra n maddy eat sweets, Rudra says maddy u don’t have to create a scene n we will make sure Samar confesses, Rudra n maddy feel sick,Samar says how are sweets feeling good n let me make u feel better u two are gonna die soon, I know everything abt Neel and now Raj has given u these sweets so he will be blamed to kill u, but I added poison in it.

Precap: maddy says Koyal u have to stick to ur promise, Raj is waiting for u go to ur Raj Koyal.

Written Update By Tanaya