Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi (Maha Episode) 30th September 2016 Written Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 30th September 2016 Written Maha Episode Update

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi (Maha Episode) 30th September 2016 Written Update

Dev’s family walks into marriage hall. Daadi bua asks Radha she told Bengalis are poor, but this marriage hall looked so lavish and well decorated. Mamaji angrily looks at Radha. Sourav comes and asks them all to take cool drinks. Radha asks him to give it to mamaji as he needs it most. Mamaji asks him to take care of other guests, they are family members, Radha will serve cool drinks. Sourav tells Nikki and Rhea that Sona and Elena always call him when they need anything, even they can. Nikki says sure. Sona comes with family. Daadi bua asks Sona why did not she wear Ishwari’s sent dress. Bejoy says accoding to bengali culture, bride wears her parent’s gifted clothes and he had also informed Dev and Ishwari beforehand. Radha sees Sona’s hand without mehandi and asks what is this. Daadi bua says this is abshagun. Asha says according to their bengali culture, they don’t apply mehandi. Daadi bua says she does not know what other abshagun she has to see. Bejoy says his daughter is his pride and he is here for kanyadaan. Daadi bua says whatever he says, he cannot change age old rituals. Mamaji hangles situation and says they got such a beautiful and intelligent bahu, they should not bother about all these small things.

Garland exchange ceremony starts. Bengali people make their usual peculiar sound during ceremonies. Dev’s family and relatives get afraid hearing sound. Children start crying. Daadi bua comments she does not know what else is in store. Dev and Sona are lifted for garland ceremony. Sona garlands Dev and when Dev tries to garland, Sona is lifted up. Dev says something fell down and when Sona bends garlands her.

After garland ceremony, Nikki and Rhea wait in a room and think if bengalis have shoe stealing ceremony or not, they should have googled about bengali marriages Nikki says they should have checked Dev Das movie.

Food is served. Daadi bua sees nonveg food served along veg food and angrily comments she does not what other sins she has to bear. Radha comes and says she enjoyed food and filled up till throat. Daadi bua says if she could not see nonveg is also served. Radha starts acting. Mamaji asks when she knew about this, why she is acting. Radha lies she did not know. Ishwari’s guest leaves saying she is not hungry. Asha comes and asks Ishwari to have food. Ishwari says she will have later after guests. Sourav notices it and informs Asha. Asha comes again. Daadi bua asks how can she serve nonveg food in brahmin’s marriage. Asha says Dev agreed for it and even Ishwari knows. She asks Sourav to get a thali. Ishwari stops and asks Asha not to force her to spoil her religion. Whole family walks away. Asha starts weeping. Bejoy comes and asks what happened. Sourav says nothing, let us go for phera ceremony.

Dev and Sona’s phera ceremony starts. Bejoy during Kanyadaan says Dev that he is giving his pride to him, Sona is his pride, etc. Daadi bua says whatever he says, he cannot change age old rituals. After pheras finishes, Dev and Sona take elder’s blessings.

After marriage, bidayi starts. Sourav asks event management company supervisor to keep gifts in groom’s family’s cars soon. Manager thinks Sourav forgot to include fish in gifts it is bengali marriage and includes a big fish. Sona’s family cries and does Sona’s bidayi.

Sona and Dev reach home. Ishwari greets them. Radha hugs Sona and silently whispers i her ears that she traveled a journey from nutritionist to bahu of this house so easily. She then starts acting as usual. Gifts are kep on dining table. Radha checks gifts and shouts seein fish. She also acts as getting unconscious. Everyone gather. Ishwari also sees fish and panicks. Daadi yells Sona’s family purposefully gifted fish to insult a brahmin family. Dev says there must be some mistake. Sourav and Elena come and say it was a mistake by evet management company, they did not know at all about this. Sourav apologizes Ishwari. He says giving fish is considered shubh in their tradition, but they didn’t do this. Event management company did thinking it’s a Begali wedding. Elena also apologizes and says Sona had no clue about it. Ishwari accepts their apology. Sourav says they brought other shagun gifts and requests her to accept those. She takes them.

Precap: Ishwari is not feeling well. Mami goes to Dev’s room and interrupts his and Sona’s romantic moment.

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