Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th September 2016 Written Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th September 2016 Written Update

Sona tells Bejoy that newpaper has printed apology letter and written that yesterday’s newws was fake. Bejoy says what is the use, his daughter’s alliance is broken already. Sen comes and apologizes Bejoy for mistunderstandings and even apologizes Sona. Rithvik enters and says if he can talk to Sona for a min. Family allows. He takes Sona aside and starts badmouthing about Dev. Sona says Dev did not publish yesterday’s news and newspaper even apologizes. Rithvik says he knows people like Dev who just love troubling other and says he is very lucky to have a life partner like her. Sona smiles but feels sad for Dev.

Bejoy finds Ishwari in a market and says he wanted to meet her, but his family stopped him, god wanted to meet them. He says even she has 3 daughters, but she tried to defame Sona. He was sad after Dev and Sona’s relationship broke, but god gave better alliance than Dev for Sona. Ishwari says she is the one who sent Rithvik’s alliance. Bejoy says whatever it is, he does not want her or her family in Sona’s life again. Ishwari stands in a shock.

Asha asks Sourav to take of engagement arrangements. He says how can he alone. Bejoy comes and pampers Sourav. Sourav and Asha are shocked and asks if he is fine. Bejoy drags Asha towards him. Sourav says their daughter’s engagment is tomorrow and they are romancing openly. Asha gives him invitation cards and asks him to go and distribute them. She asks Bejoy again if he is fine. He tells her what happened in market.

Dev is at his office. Tina gives him bracelet and says she saw it in Sona’s hand many times. Dev takes it and his facial expression changes.

Ishwari reaches home and seeing Ria and Nikki fighting shouts at them. Mamaji asks if she is fine and asks if she needs water. She says no. He makes her sit and aks what happened. She informs him the market incident and what Bejoy told and asks why she is blamed for all this, she built her family with great difficulty and will not let Sona and her family break it.

Sona asks his parents to give an invitation car. Asha says Sourav just took it. Sona says it is okay, she wanted to courier one card. She goes to her room and reminisces Dev’s words that he may move on seeing her gettng engaged to someone else. She couriers a card to Dev.

Sona tries her engagment bangles and fumes that jeweler did not prepare it according to her size even after a reminder. Elena asks why is she getting angry. Daadi comes laughing and says she must be hungry. Asha asks if she can get her something. Sona says no and angrily leaves.

Dev reaches home and receives courier. He opens envelope, sees Sona’s engaagement invitation card and asks Ishwai if he can attend it. Ishwari looks at him angrily.

Precap Dev says today his love is marrying someone else, he will not let that happen. Sona is about to dorn engagement ring in Rithvik’s finger when Dev enters and congratulates her.

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