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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th June 2016 Written Update

NG asks Dev why did he come late for business meeting. He says his friend is ill and he went there. NG says okay and leaves. Dev thinks why did he lie.

Ranveer comes to meet Neha. Neha gets ready for Dev’s engagement and asks how is she looking, if she is looking fat. He waits for a second and says she is looking beautiful. She asks why did he stop for a second and says next time when she asks, he should says she is beautiful spontaneously. She asks if his family is coming for Dev’s engagement. He says no as mom is ill and gives her earrings gift. She likes them. Ishwari comes in and Ranveer touches her feet and takes blessings. Neha shows her earrings. Ishwari says they are nice and even her papa gifted her similar ones long ago. Neha goes to show them to Ria and Nikki.

Sona’s family come back from dinner outing without having dinner. Sourav fumes. Bejoy asks Asha what theme she tought for her novel. Asha says edentulous bride and groom will get to know about it only during 7th phera. Bejoy asks how will he know. Daadi says photographer will ask bride to smile and her dentures will fall down. Elena laughs, but Sona sits sadly. Mom asks what happened. She says nothing.

Ishwari tells Ranveer says Neha is very happy when she is around him and he does not have to get jewelry to please her. He hugs her and says he tought same, but thought Neha would get happy seeing earrings. Neha comes back and says even Nikki and Ria liked rings.

NG calls Ishwari and Ishwari asks if she wants to talk to Dev. NG says she wants to talk to her and starts emotional talk that her papa loves her a lot and took care of her alone after mom’s death, but she misses even mom and asks Ishwari not to tell this to papa. Ishwari says no. NG says if she can call her whenever she misses mom. Ishwari says anytime she likes and says she is already part of her family. She then prays god to keep her son happy.

Sona sadly looks at Dev’s pic in her mobile. Elena enters. Sona says she looks creepy when she stands at door. Elena asks why she smiles seeing and then gets sad alone. Sona says tomorrow is Dev’s engagement is tomorrow and she will lose right over him from tomorrow. Elena consoles her.

Neha, Nikki, and Ria practice dance for Dev’s engagement. Dev comes out and they all catch him and ask to judge their dance as they don’t to look fool in front of NG. They make him sit, Neha asks him to close eyes and imagine dorning ring to is fiance during engagement. He imagines dorning ring to Sona instead and nervously walks out from there scolding them. He realizes that he loves Sona and not NG.

Precap: Dev nervously thinks Natasha is just his friend, how can he betray her, he has to clear the confusion. He tells Ishwari Natasha is a good girl.

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