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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th August 2016 Written Update

Sona and Ishwari select bedsheets and ask Dev which one he likes. He selects Sona’s selected bedsheets and says Sona’s selection is always best. Ishwari gets disheartened. Sona says she will change Dev’s room with bright colors and make it colorful. Dev continues paising Sona. Iswhari returns home sadly. Mamaji asks how was her outing, if she enjoyed icecream. Ishwari sits silently. Mamaji asksif she ate so much icecream that she got sore throat. Nikki comes and asks why did not she bring her choc icecream, sees bedsheets and says they are very pretty, how come she bought such bright colors while he gets only dull and simple colors. Ishwari says it is Sona’s selection. Mamai realizes why she is sad. Once Nikki leaves, he asks Ishwari she should stop getting sad. Ishwari says she is not sad.

While dropping Sona home, Dev asks Sona to tell at least now those 3 words. She says I love you. He says it is you were right, he told her mom will like her and he knows his mom well. She says he should give some time for mom as it is difficult for her to adjust if someone enters life suddenly. He says mom is happy though and continues chatting and calling her khargosh, etc.

Ranveer’s bhabhi tells mom that they will find money somehow for her operation. Ranveer comes and says he has arranged money. Bhabi asks how. He says he is not buying flat and broker told he will return advance after deducting 5000 rs. Bhabhi says he does not have to do that, they will find money somehow for mom’s operation.

Ishwari selects jewelry and clothes for photo session. Radha wearing facepack and asks when is he coming. Ishwari says 10:30 a.m. Radha asks if she needs facepack. Ishwari says no, she is fine. Neha comes and hugs Ishwari. Ishwari gets happy. Radha says even she is here. Neha asks how is she. Radha says she is fine. Ishwari shows her pearl necklace and says she will wear this. Radha says she did not see her so excited before. Ishwari says after Dev’s papa left, they are clicking family pic for the first time, so she is very excited.

Sona tells Bejoy that she needs to talk something important. Bejoy reading newspapers says Kolkota municipal elections are happening, nothing is more imporant than that. Sona says she thought daughter’s wedding is more important for a father. Bejoy asks whose daughter’s marriage. She says his daughter’s marriage. He is surprised to hear that. Sona says she went out with Dev and Ishwari today and Ishwari accepted her. Bejoy gets very happy and says he will give this good news to Asha and surprise her.

Sona gets ready for job. Elena gives her gift pack. Sona asks who sent it. Elena jokes Tom Cruise and asks if she has any other boyfriend than Dev. Sona shies and opens gift to see hand written card. Elena asks what is written in it. Sona says she should not read it. She herself reads it. Dev calls and Sona says he does not know even to write poetry. He says he wrote what he felt like and asks her to reach home before 10:30.

Neha goes to her room and sees it same as she left, says mom has kept everything same except mirror. Radha says a lot has changed in this house. She asks what. Radha says Dev is in love. Neha is surprised and asks who is it, if Nikki and Ria know about it. Radha says whole house knows, even Radha knows. Neha asks who is it. Radha says nutritionist/Sona. Neha is more shocked and asks if mom is happy. Radha says yes. Neha then goes to Dev’s room and asks why did not he tell her. Dev asks about Sona. She says yes and asks if mom is happy. Dev says yes very much and says let us go down for photo session, even Sona will be part of their family photo, she does not know that. She thinks if mom does not know or Sona, she does not know how mom will react.

Family together pose for a photograph. Dev comes late with Neha. Ishwari asks where was he. He goes aside nd SMSes Sona to come soon. Sona is in auto. Neha asks Ria if situation is under control. Ria says until now yes. Sona comes and Dev asks her to join. Ishwari is shocked.

Precap: Ishwari says she needs one more photo. Dev says he will call Sona. Ishwari says when she did not mind Sona clicking pic with family, Sona should not mind when her family clicks pic without her.

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