Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 8th November 2016 Written Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 8th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 8th November 2016 Written Update

Ishwari is busy cooking in kitchen. Neha enters and says bhai is missing bhabhi. Ishwari says no. Neha says she knows bhai is missing bhai, but Ranveer is not missing her at all and wants to divorce her. Bhabi is so lucky that bhai loves her so much, and she is unlucky that Ranveer does not love her. Ishwari says it is not like that, Dev thinks of family a lot.

Sona asks Elena what gossip she has. Elena says she has decided to follow her sister’s footsteps and love only one guy and commit to him. Sona asks when did her sister change. She looks at her mobile repeatedly. Elena asks to call her husband if she is missing him so much. Sona says she lives with Dev and is not missing him, she came here just to spend some time with her parents and siblings. She then hears Sourav speaking to someone and requesting for a job. He then lies family that he did not like job, so rejected it.

In the morning, Sona and Sourav’s bhai dhooj pooja starts. Sona does Sourav’s aarti and asks for his gift. He gives earrings. She says she liked them a lot and says even she has a gift for him. She says they all know she is a best nutritionist and wants to reach many people. Sourav says she can use online platform. She says exactly, she needs a business partner who has internet business knowledge and who else than Sourav. Asha and Bejoy look at Sourav smilingly. Sona says it is their family business. Whole family hugs each other.

At Dev’s house, Ishwari does mamaji’s bhai dhooj pooja. Mamaji gives gift and says they are old now and why this pooja. Ishwari says this is the day when yamraj’s sister performed Yamraj’s pooja and prayed for him, why should they miss. Rhea, Nikki, and Neha comes behind Vicky and say they will not perform pooja without gifts. He says he has brought. They say they don’t need his torn and soiled notes. Dev enters with gifts and says Vicky had asked to bring gifts. Rhea, Nicki, and Neha perform Dev and Vicky’s pooja and take their gifts.

Sona sees Sourav nervous and says he already has online business experience and should not be nervous. Elena asks if they have 500 rs change. Sourav gives her change. Musical show tickets fall from Elena’s wallet. Sona picks them and taunts her. Elena feels nervous. She then calls Vicky and jokes she is not coming for the shows, but smiles thinking of giving him a surprise.

Dev comes to Vicky and scolds him why he is not attending clients, their company is losing business because of it. If he continues to be so careless, then it is better for him to leave job. Vicky says he needs this job and will be regular hereon.

Dev goes to Sona’s parent’s house. Sona opens door and asks whaat is he doing here. He says he came to take back his wife. She says this is her house and tries to close door. He tries to calm her down and jokes he is ready to become tulsi of her house. She says so creepy and tries to close door. Asha sees Dev and asks when did he come. Dev says just now, but Sona is not letting him in. Asha scolds Sona and asks Dev to come and sit in while she brings water for him. Dev says Sona that her mom is so sweet, but she is so mean. He will not go from here without her. She says he was ignoring her when she was at his house, now he is missing her. Their nok jhok continues. Sona says she will come back after 4-5 days. He says so many days, she will come with him today itself. Family comes out and daadi says he was missing her granddaughter so much. Dev touches her feet and says he was missing them all. Family bonding continues.

Precap: Sona goes to pick water mug. Dev clashes with her and water mug falls down. Bejoy who is sitting on sofa wakes up, sends them both out and locks door. Ishwari calls him and asks if Dev came there. He says Dev is here and he just sent Sona and Devv out of house.

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