Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th November 2016 Written Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th November 2016 Written Update

Sona tells Dev that he should have consulted her once before getting Ranveer out of job. He shouts if he should take her permission to protect his family. Sona says Ranveer’s whole family is dependent on him. He shouts Ranveer should have tought well before troubling Neha. Neha comes and apologizes him that because of her all this is happening, she should not have married Ranveer. He asks to stop thinking much, bhai dhooj is after 2 days and whaat gift she needs. She says she does not need anything and asks him to get back Ranveer’s job as his family will suffer because of it and she does not want anyone see the days which they saw in their childhood. Dev says okay.

In the morning, Sona comes for breakfast. Neha says sorry, bhai listened to me and not you yesterday. Sona says she was right, so Dev heard her. Neha says he did not listened to you. Sona says Dev and her thinking should not match always, Dev has his own thinking and there is nothing wrong in it. Neha feels angry. Inshwari asks Sona that she has to go to her parent’s house for bhai dhooj as Sourav will be waiting for her and she can stay there for some days if she wants. Neha leaves. Sona sits sadly. Radha yels beng….bahu rani you chat a lot and angered Neha.

Sona goes back to her room. Kichu comes and informs Dev that lawyer has come. Dev says he will get rid Neha off that thing. Sona asks what do you mean by thing, Ranveer is Neha’s husband, they both love each other an divorce is not a solution for everything. Dev shouts what does she mean, being so much educated, she should know life does not stop after divorce and one should get rid of bad phase of life. He goes down and meets lawyer. Mamaji tells Sona that he knows what she is thinking and should not think uch, everyything wil be alright.

After sometime, Radha hears loud music and shouts earthquake earthquake.. Nikki says it is a new song and dances with Radha. Radha says she is mad. Nikki asks Ishwari if Sona went office even today. Ishwari says she went to her parent’s house for bhai dhooj and will stay there for some days. Nikki says she can come back after ritual, why did not she inform her, only Sona is lively in this house.

Sona reaches her parent’s house. Sourav and Elena get very happy. Bejoy says he is most happy and hugs her. Asha sees bag and asks Sona if everything is alright. Sona says yes, she came to stay with them for some days. Family’s bonding continues.

Dev comes home in the evening and calls Sona. He changes his dress and thinks he is fighting with Sona often now a days. Kichu comes and tells him that maaji is calling for dinner. Dev thinks of calling Sona and finds a note that she is going to her parent’s house for some days and he will get some time to sort his family issues. He thinks how can she go like an outsider. He calls her. Sona is busy chatting with her family. Elena picks call and informs Sona that jiju has called. Sona says she will speak to him later. Elena tells Dev that Sona will call him back, so he can talk to her. Dev says no and disconnects. Elena says how rude. Daadi comments she should stop talking to Dev for some days and this way she will keep him under control. She tells her story that her husband used to love her voice and when they used to fight, she used to stop talking and he used to panic and within 5 days, their fight is over. This is the best way to keep husband under control. Asha asks if she fought with Dev. Sona asks if she cannot come here without a fight. Family continues chatting.

Dev gets ready and walks towards door. Ishwari asks him to come for dinner. Dev says Sona went without informing him, he is going to bring her back. Ishwari says she sent Sona to her parent’s house for bhai dhooj ritual and asked her to stay with her family for some days. Dev says if this is not her family. Ishwari says yes..but let her spend some time with her parents. She forces him to sit for dinner. Nikki jokes with that she need sad emothicon and will click his pic. He asks to stop joking. She asks if he is missing bhabi. He says some. Mamaji jokes why is he feeling guilty thinking of bahu, he should feel guilty thinking of neighbor’s wife. He asks him to call back Sona as this house does not look good without bahu. He says even he thinks so and they both laugh. Neha hears their conversation and gets jealous.

Precap: Dev goes to Sona’s parent’s house. Sona asks why did he come here. He says he came to take back his wife. She says this is her house and he should go back to his house.

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