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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th April 2016 Written Update

Saurabh’s mom and daadi see him practicing in front of mirror. They ask what business he is starting and pick up a packet from box and throw it on dad. Dad checks box and asks what he is doing with ladies inner wear. Daadi and mom says chi chi.. Dad starts beating Saurabh with broom. Saurabh says he scolds if he does not work and even if he works, why is he so confused. Sona comes and asks why are they beating bhaiya. Dad says he wants to sell ladies inner wear. Sona asks what is wrong in it and asks Saurabh to give demo. Dad, mom and daadi start beating Saurabh again.

Radha’s husband brings his scooter to go to Radha’s brother’s house. Radha asks him to say her namaste to her brother and say she is missing him. Husband leaves with Vicky. She then picks her jewelry and then kerosene and smirks that she will end all her problems at once.

Sona asks Nikki to concentrate on her studies and stop watching laptop. Dev comes and says Sona is right and what she watches on laptop. Nikki says Sidhu baby. He asks not to call Sidharth mahlotra sidhu baby and concentrate on her studies. He asks her where she would like to go. She says her choice. He asks Sona who says hill station, etc. He asks out of country. Nikki says Canada. Sona says Niagra falls, etc. He asks Nikki to go and study now. She leaves. Sona says it looks like he was enquiring her and not Nikki. He asks what is wrong if he enquires his employee’s details.

Neha’s teacher takes her for stationery shopping, gives her list and asks her to buy. Neha reads pencil, rubber and reminisces Ishwari buying books and pencils to Dev and asking Neha to take care of her sisters. She reads list and teacher smiles.

Dev gets a call from Radha. He informs Ishwari and they both run to Radha’s house and see her house burning. Radha starts acting. Ishwari consoles her and take her home. Radha smirks hugging her. Dev uncle also comes home and cries emotionally in front of Dev that he lost his whole life’s earnings. Dev says he has his childhood memories with that house and will build same house for him. Uncle hugs him and they both cry emotionally. Sona watches their conversation.

Sona goes to Dev’s room with coffee and tries console him that it is a tough situation for him, but he should think that his whole family is with him. Dev says she will not understand that for a middle class man, building a house is a big dream. She says she can understand. He says she cannot. They continue and he says her good night, meaning to leave him alone.

Precap: Sona comes to Dev’s office and hears secretary playing Dev and her conversation on mobile.

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