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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 6th June 2016 Written Update

Gujral comes to Dev’s office and says he wants Dev and Natasha’s engagement this Satruday on Natasha’s birthday. Dev says only 2 days left and it is too early. Gujral says Natasha and him are meeting often and he is sure the are in love. Dev says Natasha is a good girl. Gujral says he is sure they would like to spend life together. He says he will speak to Ishwari didi. Dev says he will inform mom. Dev says on this auspicious day, he will finalize their deal also and as a businessman he will not make a loss deal.

At night, Dev does not get sleep due to tension. He picks sleeping pill bottle, but then reminisces Sona’s words and calls her. She asks if he is fine, should she call Dr. Sinha. Dev says no. She asks if he is tensed and says as a friend he can tell her. He just chats a bit and disconnects call. She gets engrapsed in his toughts. Serial’s title song….plays in the background..

In the morning, Dev tells Ishwari that Mr. Gujral wants to finalize their business deal on Saturday. Ishwari says it is a good news. Dev says he wants engagment also on Saturday. She says how can it be, she has to do a lot of arrangments, need to buy gifts to Gujral’s family, etc. Radha comes and says she will arrange everything and Dev is also happy, else he would have rejected Gujral’s offer. Sona hears their conversation and is shocked.

Asha tells Bejoy that she wants to remarry. Bejoy shouts he is a cruel husband and will nto tolerate her nonsense. Asha asks him to stop acting. Dadi comes and gives lassi to Asha to calm her mind and let her concentrate on her writing. Asha says she wants to sit in hotel till late night and drink scotch. Dadi says it is a good idea, even she tried once and liquor is bitter but very nice. Asha asks them to stop being good husband and mother-in-law and walks from there.

Radha calls jewellers home and asks Dev to select ring. He selects one. Nikki says even she selected same. Radha says she is lying and asks jeweller if ring will be ready by tomorrow. Jweller says if craftsman finishes it on time and asks to show ring size. Radha says her and NG’s fingers are same. Nikki says her fingers are fat and NG’s fingers are unique. Sona comes there and Ria says Sona’s fingers match. Sona says how can she wear ring. Radha says she is right, she cannot wear someone’s ring. Ishwari says so what if she tries. Dev forcefully dorns ring in Sona’s finger and turns nervously. Sona also stands nervously.

Precap: Neha says Dev love has a different feeling and if he feels same for Natasha. Dev starts thinking.

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