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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 6th April 2016 Written Update

A man offers a job of handling whole hospital’s nutrionist team to Sona with triple salary for than she is getting currently now. Sona says she appreciates his good gesture, but she cannot accept his offer as her patient’s family trusts her a lot. He gives his visiting card and asks her to call him anytime she changes her mind. Dev watches them standing at a distance. He comes near her. She says she got a job offer with better pay. He smiling sarcastically says it is good for her, why is she informing him. She says so that he can fight with her new boss. He leaves smiling. She yells that he forcefully broke her alliance.

Saurabh brings a big heavy box home and tells family that he is starting a new business. Dad taunts that he will leave job in 1-2 days as usual. Saurabh says he does not have to worry about Sona’s marriage as he will arrange all expenses. Dad taunts he should worry about his daughter’s marriage and let him take care of his daughter’s marriage. Mom asks what is in this box. Saurabh says she will see it only after her granddaughter’s marriage, now only him and his client will see.

Ishwari introduces her friend to Dev. Lady starts praising Dev and introduces her daughter. She asks to try pasta. Sona comes. Ishwari says Sona is her nutrionist and takes care of her food. Lady asks Dev to go on dance floor, pointing at her daughter. Dev takes Sona on floor and starts dancing. Lady and her daughter fume seeing this. Sona asks why did he drag on dancing floor and says she takes care of his calories and not his girlfriends. He continues dancing. She pushes him and asks what he thinks of her, she will accept job offer as she does not want to see his face. He drags her and says if she goes, mother will feel bad. She asks why. he says she is a best nutrionist and he does not want to lose her, he wanted to dance with her. Their nok jhok continues. Ishwari’s other friend praises Sona that she is taking care of her well like ideal bahu, when is she getting them married. Ishwari says sona is like her daughter and Dev is still young for marriage. Sona part ways and says he gets too emotional and cannot handle girl’s emotions.

Radha drops pickle oil on floor, sits on floor and acts as slipping and falling and shouts. Her husband comes and helps her sit on chair and tries to massage her ankle. Radha says it is already swollen. He says it has become fat. She says how will she go to her brother’s house. He asks why is she insisting repeatedly. She says she did not attend any of her brother’s family function and wants to attend this time. He says then she can go after her leg gets well. She asks him to go with Vicky. He resists. She does emotional atyachar. He agrees. Vicky slips and falls on oil and husband laughs. She thinks once he goes, she will do her work.

Ishwari waits for car outside with Sona and tells her that bengali girls very intelligent, they know even to dance. Dev brings car and they both get into car. Sona’s father calls and asks if he should come to pick her. She says she will come herself.

Ria and Nikki ask Neha to read magazine. She reads with great difficulty. They both clap for her. Ishwari cmesand asks if her 3 devi’s did not sleep yet. They say no and run to their rooms. Ishwari gets Khatri’s calll. She says she arranged money and where should she meet him. He says he will call and inform where to meet.

Dev drives car towards Sona’s home. Sona says there was no need for him to drop her home. He says it is okay. She thinks he is feeling guilty. She asks to play music. He says no. She asks why. He asks why can’t she complete drive without arguing. He stops car seeing an old couple crossing road. She sees icecream cart and asks if he likes icecream. He says no. She runs and buys ice cream. He horns and calls her. She gets into car. He sees couple enjoying ice cream in the middle of road blocking it. He says what nonsense, it is not safe. He then dorns her seat belt and scolds that she is not a kid. She asks him not to scold often. He starts driving with their nok jhok continuing.

Dev’s secretary comes to his cabin and asks she needs to add some details in Dr. Bose’s profile. He asks what details. She says nature of girl and should she add sweet nature. He says she is arrogant, adamant, then asks not to add that and add smart, intelligent, dependent, passionate, independent. She asks what about looks. He says very pretty. She asks if he is sure he wants to find alliance for Sona. He says yes. She says it is a personal matter. He asks her to do what he says. She says she should not say, but he may repent his decision later.

Precap: Dev asks Sona which places she likes to go on vacation. She tells roads, hills. He asks out of India. She says Niagra falls, etc. He asks then, she says rest later.

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