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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th September 2016 Written Update

Sona gets ready in a beautiful sari for a dinner date with Rithvik. Daadi gives her favorite necklace to Sona. Elena asks Sona to think once again. Sona says she has made up her mind to marry Rithvik. She walks down. Rithvik is waitinng for her says she is looking very beaautiful. They both reach restaurant and take a table. Dev is already present there and manager says he arranged things as he ordered.

At Dev’s house, mamaji asks Radha to serve him prasad. She serves him less prasad. He says god gave her less brain,so she is taking revenge by giving less prasad. She starts yelling and says he is acting like Sona. Ishwari passes by and scolds her not to take Sona’s name again in this house. Mamaji asks Ishwari why she is suffering holding grudge in her mind.

Sona and Rithkvik enjoy their dinner date. They see whole hotel empty. Rithvik asks Sona why did she book whole hotel instead of a single table. She says she did not and thought he did. Dev enters holding champagne and says he booked and asks them to enjoy champage. Rithik introduces himself to Dev and says he is glad to meet him. Dev says same. Sona angrily tries to leave. Rithvik stops her and says he is not afraid of her bad ex, he came here on his first date and will not lose this opportunty, her ex’s presence does not affect, is it affecting her. She says no and sits with him.

Tina calls Ishwari and asks if Dev is at home. Ishwari says no. Tina says Dev fixed a meeting with client at office and also booked a hotel for client, he told he will come to office and then go to hotel to meet client, but did not come yet. Ishwari says she will call him. Tina says his phone is not reachable. Ishwari gets concerned. Radha starts showing fake concern and crying, earlier Dev used to inform and go, now he does not inform at all.

Dev gets jealous seeing Rithvik and Sona enjoying dinner. He goes neaar them and says Sona likes dancing and as a doctor, Rithvik’s life must be boring and he may not know dancing, so if he can dance with Sona. Rithvik gets up from chair and says working in Spain, he learnt ddancing and asks Sona if they can dance. Sona gets up. Dev fumes in anger.

Precap: Dev shouts at Rithvik that Sona’s place is in his heart and nobody can marry her. Rithvik asks if he loves Sona, then why don’t he marry her.

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