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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th July 2016 Written Update

Ishwari sees Dev and Sona together and asks why is he still here instead of greeting guests. Sona nervously says she was taking items to Neha’s room and leaves. Dev leaves to greet guests.

At Ranbeer’s home, his mom and bhabhi ask hm to get ready soon for sangeet function at Neha’s home. Ranbeer says all guests have occupied room and even bathroom. Mom asks if he thinks Nehna can adjust in this environment, he has to think as Neha’s husband and think of renting a separate house post marriage.

Sangeet funtion starts. Elena also attends function. Dev and Sona get mingled with guests. DJ announces Neha’s entry. Neha comes wearing beautiful blue/black lehanga choli. DJ then announces Ranbeer”s entry. Ranbeer enters with family. Dev and Ishwari greet them and Ishwari thanks Ranbeer’s brother for taking leave from his BSF duty and asks if he took leave for 1 month. He says just 1 week for his brother’s marriage and invites him to Jaisalmer at his army posting. Ishwari says today he is their guests and greet them in for Ganesh pooja. Ranbeer and Neha perform pooja. Ranbeer’s mom says she has guests at home, so she will leave, but Ranbeer will stay back.

Sangeet dance starts. Vicky dances on a dance number with group and roams around Elena. Elena gets angry. Neha then dances on Mai Ghani bawari hogai and drags Ranbeer. Ranbeer also dances with her.

Ishwari arranges saris in her room. Greedy garib ki beti Radha asks if it is paper silk sari. Ishwari says she does not know anything than banarasi silk sari, Neha brought all these saris for marriage functions. Garib ki beti Radha they are very pretty saris. Mamaji comes. Ishwari gets emotional that her husband would have been very happy if he was alive. Mamaji consoles her and says she should be happily tell her husband that Dev took all the responsibilities and is fulfilling them well. Ishwari looks at her husband’s pic and gets more emotional and says Neha is getting married in a good family and Ranbeer is a honest man. Garib ki beti Radha comments how will Neha be happy in a 2 bedroom crowded house. Mamaji scolds her and cheers up Ishwari. Nikki comes and drags them for dance. Mamaji dances on Aye meri zohra jabeen tujhe maloom nahi….song. Maami gets shy and dances well with him. Ishwari’s turn comes next and even she dances well. Youngsters dance then as couple. Dev and Sona look at each other repeatedly and their turn comes. They both dance looking into each other’s eyes. Nikki comments they both look very cute as couple. Ishwari and Radha hear that and fume. Vicky dances with Elena and says she did not apologize him for splashing water on him.

Sona walks in corridor and her anklet falls down. Dev comes and picks it. She asks to return it. He starts playing. Ishwari passes by and gets very angry seeing their romantic nok jhok and asks Dev what is he doing here instead of taking care of arrangements. Sona says her anklet got missing, so Dev was helping her search it. Ishwari asks if she found it. Dev returns anklet and says he will go and check lightmen and leaves. Mamaji comes and sees medicine strip in Ishwari’s hand and says she should have sent Vicky to get medicines. Ishwari says Dev will get them after he finishes work.

At night, Nikki, Neha, and Ria look at engagement pic. Radha enters and Nikki shows her pics. Radha gets angry seeing her closeup and weird pics. Nikki then shows Dev and Sona’s dancing pics looking in to each other’s eyes. Radha fumes in anger. She takes Nikki to Ishwari’s room and asks her to show engagement pics to Ishwari. Nikki says she was about to show them in themorning. Radha insists. Nikki shows all her siblings and Neha/Ranbeer’s pics. Ishwari gets happy seeing her children and say her children are looking too cute. Radha asks her to scroll further. Dev and Sona’s pics come. Ishwari does not react. Radha tries to brainwash her, but Nikki takes Radha from there. Ishwari sits sadly.

Precap: Nikki says Sona’s mehandi is very pretty and asks if she inscribed someone’s name in it. Neha says she has not found her life partner, how can she. Sona thinks she found her life partner, silently leaves and shows her mehandi to Dev. Radha sees that and fumes.

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