Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd October 2016 Written Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd October 2016 Written Update

Iswhari asks Dev and Sona to go and rest now. They both leave. Kichu asks what to do with fish. Daadi bua asks him to take permission Dev’s permission and throw it out, else throw her out. Elena and Sourav listen silently. Nikki and Rhea drop Sona and Dev to their room and say they decorated this room personally for them and asks if they liked it. Sona and Dev nod yes. They leave closing door. Dev and Sona sit on bed. Dev says if she noticed they did not speak today whole day. She nods yes. Their romantic discussion continunes.

Sourav and Elena reach home. Asha asks how is Sona, if she settled in her new home. Sourav informs that Ishwari accepted their shagun/gift, but other family members created an issue over nonveg food served at marriage and threw fish in dustbin. Bejoy yells they did not serve nonveg themselves and how dare they throw auspicious fish in dustbin. Daadi says fish is auspicious for them, but for Dev’s family nonveg itself is inauspicious, so they should drop this issue right now. Asha says maa is right.

Ishwari asks Nikki, Rhea and Neha to go and rest now. Mamaji says he will get food from restaurant for Ishwari and daadi bua. Daadi bua says she does not in which utensil restaurant people cook and she does not need restaurant food. Radha yells as usual. Mamaji says Sona’s family served nonveg and veg food separaely and even after knowing nonveg food is served with veg food, Radha ate nicely and now is acting. Radha says she cannot conttrol hunger. Ishwari goes to kitchen to prepare food and stumbles. Mamaji notices it and holds her. Radha sees that, runs to Dev’s room and just when and Sona are in romantic talks knocks their door and informs Dev that Ishwari’s fell down. Dev rushes towards living room.

Mamaji makes Ishwari sit on sofa and gives her water. Sona checks her BP and asks how can her BP get so slow. Radha starts yelling that her family served nonveg food and Ishwari does not even drink water where nonveg is around. Sona says her parents kept nonveg with Ishwari’s condition and if she had problem, why did not she inform beforehand. Ishwari says it is okay, she loves Dev a lot and can tolerate anything for his demand and happiness. She asks Dev and Sona to go and rest now. Mamaji says same and says Ishwari is his sister before Dev’s mother, so he will take care of his sister. Dadi bua says lots of inauspiciousness is happening, so Dev should not bother. Dev walks towards room. Sona angrily looks at Ishwari and walks behind Dev.

Once they reach room, Sona starts blasting Dev that it was him who agreed to keep nonveg food. He says he wanted to maintain balance between families and did not want to disappoint anyone. She yells her mother repeatedly told she let him marry as she loves him, it means she did not accept her as bahu. He says she did not understand mom well, anyways her father insulted his mom so much, even then she agreed for marriage. Sona continues blasting. Dev asks her to forget all these complaints as they wait for this night since so many days. She says she needs time and sleeps on bed turnig her face. Dev stands sadly.

Precap: Sona comes down wearing pallu for muh dikhayi ritual and her pallu falls down. Women yell ritual is finished before starting ritual. Daadi bua yells if Sona cannot handle her pallu, how will she handle family.

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