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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd November 2016 Written Update

Dev tells Sona that only bad things are happening in this house after their marriage, they should do something in Bose family style to change environment. Sona says yes. He says maa lights up lamps on diwali, this time she should light them. She says okay. He drags her. She says let me change first.

Nikki and Rhea while lighting lamps fight with Vicky that even they need crackers and he alone can burn them. Vicky says no. Mamaji comes and asks them to stop fighting and enjoy diwali. Ishwari brings lamps. Radha jokes with her that she should light lamps before her bahu comes, else her bahu says maaa let me do it and mimics Sona. Ishwari laughs and asks her to stop. Mamaji scolds Radha. He starts clicking pics. Sona and Dev come down and start lighting lamps. Mamaji clicks their pics and tells Ishwari that Sona and Dev are looking so pretty together. Radha comments at Ishwari that her bahu snatched her right directly. Sona and Dev ask each other to light lamps first. They both look at each other and smile. Kuch rang pyar ke….plays in the background. Ishwari goes near Dev and Sona and tells Dev to let her light lamps with her bahu. Dev and Sona touch her feet and then mamaji and maami’s. Mamaji says he is proud of his bahu. Dev says even he is.

Dev and Sona go back to their room. After changing in night dress, Dev tells Sona that they were not celebrating diwali during his childhood like this. Mom used to bring him shirt with difficulty and used to prepare dresses for sisters with her saris. Sona asks him not to get said, they will celebate it well now.

In the morning, mamaji goes to Ishwari’s room and sees her packing blankets for poor. He says even when she had only 2 blankets at home, she used to donate them to poor, she always thinks of helping poor people. She says this is the day when Dev comes to temple with her, she will ask Dev to get more blankets for poor people. He says his kachori/Ishwari is looking so happy today.

Family then sits for breakfast. Nikki and Rhea and Sona take mamaji’s blessings and wish him happy diwali. Vicky comes and wishes diwali to Ishwari. Mamaji scolds him to touch aunt’s feet and take her blessings. He does. Dev comes and says today is diwali and there should be special breafast, so he brought kachori and samosa for everyone. Mamaji says arey wah… Devthen gives gifts to mamaji, Rhea, and Nikki, mamaji, maami, Vicky. Mamaji sees his kurta and says it is very good and now he feels like celebrating diwali. Dev says it was Sona’s idea. Ishwari gets jealous hearing this. Dev gives doll to Neha. Neha asks what will she do with it. He says this is the same doll which she wanted in chidhood and says there is also something else with the doll. She opens doll and sees bracelet in it and says it is very pretty. Mamaji praises Sona for her idea. Ishwari gets jealous again.

Dev sends gifts for Sona’s family. Bejoy tries his kurta pajama. Elena says he is looking very handsome. He says why should not he, his daughter sent gift for him. Sourav comes and says interview was very bad, interviewers asked wrong questions. Bejoy asks what did the ask. He says they asked who went on moon first and he said he was not born at that time. Bejoy hits him with news paper. He says next question was what is weight of earth and he said nobody weight it till now. He continues. Bejoy scolds him that he ruined bengali’s name.

Dev’s family performs pooja. Afer that they all enjoy burning crackers. Elena comes with sweets and gives it to Ishwari saying Bejoy sent it. Ishwari asks her to wish everyone happy diwali from her side. Vicky stops Elena and says he knows she also like him and asks her to say. She says no. He burns cracker bomb in his and says he will not throw it until she says she likes him. He says never. Bomb bursts in his hand. She scolds if he has gone made and takes him to ktitchen and washes his hand. He continues staring her face and smiling. She scolds him to stop smiling. Sona then goes out and gives phone to Sona saying Sourav want to wish her. She takes phone. Sourav asks her to thank Dev for sending diwali gifts. Sona is surprised. Eelena says she will go now and asks love birds to enjoy diwali. Dev says he will drop her. She says she has taxi waiting outside and leaves. Sona smiles at Dev and says he gave her a good surprise. He says if he cannot send gifts to his in-laws, it is his right. She smiles.

Precap: Ishwari says Dev let us go to temple. Dev says yes and gets car. Sona while trying to sit in car twists her ankle and falls down. Dev lifts her and takes her to room and applies balm on her leg and she writhes in pain. Ishwari sees them hugging in a room and gets jealous.

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