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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th June 2016 Written Update

At Sona’s house, Asha serves dinner to Bejoy. Bejoy says he will have dinner with Sona as only she loves him in this house. Sona returns holding Dev’s gifted sari. Elena says it is very beautiful. Sona says Dev’s mom gave it for dry cleaning as shop falls on the way. Elena asks if Dev’s mom wears such funky saris. Sona says maaa Elena is questioning like a police woman.

Radha goes to Ishwari’s room and tells her she is not happy about Neha and Ranveer’s alliance as Neha may not get adjusted in Ranveer’s poor family. Ishwari says she is thinking too much, money is not everything, Neha will be happy with Ranveer. Dev goes to mamaji’s room and asks how was the meeting with Ranveer’s family. Mama says marriage is fixed after a week. Dev says it is too early, but he can do anything for Neha, asks if he liked their house. Mamaji says their house is small, but their heart is big. He hugs Dev and congratulates him for his sister’s marriage. Radha continues her interference and says Ishwari she should get Dev married after Neha’s marriage immediately. Ishwari asks why is she worried so much. Radha shows Sona’s jewelry and says she found it in Dev’s room. Ishwari says Sona works her and wanders in whole house, it is not a big issue. Did not she see how Dev and Sona fight like kids. Radha says it does not take much time for kids to grow up. Ishwari says she is thinking too much and brushes her off.

Dev goes to Ishwari’s room at 12 and wakes her up. She asks if he did not sleep yet. He says he knows she would be awake and waiting for him to wish her birthday first and wishes her happy birthday. Ishwari smiles and thanks him.

Dev goes back to his room and calls Sona. Sona is asleep and picks his call leaning on bed. Dev apologizes her and asks to continue sleeping. She asks if he wants to stare at her. He smiles and reminds her that they have to go for mom’s shopping at 8 a.m. She says shops won’t be opened. He says they will open for him. She says he can do anything and asks him to sleep now, it is doc’s order. He asks her to sleep and continues looking at her face. In the morning, he wakes up early and leaves for shopping.

Ishwari’s daughters greet her happy birthday and Nikki and Ria give their gifts. Neha says she wil buy her 6 slippers for 6 marriage functions. Ishwari says what will she do wearing 6 slippers, she wears slippers for comfort. Neha asks then why she shops sari every year with Dev. Ishwari says she likes Dev finding time for her from his busy schedule and taking her for shopping, it shows her son’s love for her. Mama comes and wishes her happy birthday.

Dev comes and touches her feet and says this time he did different and brought sari for her. She gets sad seeing sari. Ishwari asks Dev if he went alone and brought sari. He says Ms. Bose helped her. Ishwari asks why did he bring such a costly sari, she would have shopped anyways for Neha’s marriage. Dev says maa…Radha comments he would have taken any of his sisters instead of bengalan. Mama brushes off and changes topic, asks Ishwari to go and get ready.

Precap: Sona asks Dev if aunty liked Sari. Dev says yes. Ishwari comes wearing different sari. Radha says this is not the sari which Dev gifted.

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